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Foreclosure filings have plunged all across the state and it’s like that funny guy George Bush when he landed on the deck and proclaimed:


From the Bradenton Herald:

The drops were significant: 55 percent in Manatee County, 62 percent in Florida and 27 percent nationally from a year ago, the foreclosure tracking service said.

Experts were unimpressed with the numbers, saying they mask an overburdened court system that’s being pushed closer to gridlock.

” It’s illusionary, said Matt Weidner, a foreclosure defense attorney in St. Petersburg. ” The fundamental problems are still there and they’re not being addressed.”

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Actually, no one is stupid enough to think the decline in filings means anything good.   The decline in filings is actually a clear indication of chaos and catastrophe.   The banks didn’t just stop because they’re working in good faith to try and solve their problems or work out solutions.   They stopped filing because the whole entire process is permeated with fraud and totally improper legal practice.

The new law firms that have picked up the David J. Stern garbage have no idea how to proceed with many cases.   And many cases all across the state are being dismissed, both because the courts are moving them forward and dismissing them and because the Plaintiffs are recognizing   they have an obligation to dismiss cases that are infected with fraud.

Given what the declines in filings say about the whole process, what does this say about cases that are still pending? Or about all those cases for which judgment has been granted during these darkest days of our country’s judicial system.   Will there be a truth commission at some point in time when we will all examine the hundreds of thousands of files that are permeated by fraud and crimes and a total failure of compliance with our rules of civil procedure?   Perhaps law students will use this period in lessons at some point in time….until then we’re stuck here in this legal purgatory….


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