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How Did It Get So Bad in This Country And Where Are We Going From Here?

Up until about a year ago, I believed this country was basically a fair, just and honest country that we were governed by a Rule of Law, protected by judges, and officials and defended by attorneys who fought for their clients.   Where are we today in this country?

If you read this blog, you know that we have been lied to for years, that our government is totally corrupt, that the banks and Wall Street get whatever they want with no penalty and HUGE REWARDS and that our courts are largely powerless to stop them or protect the people.

The real darkness and evil that permeates throughout our entire country became apparent in 2008 during the first round of Wall Street Bailouts.   That’s when Hank Paulson went before Congress and convinced your elected leaders to write a blank check giving billions of dollars…your dollars…to his friends of Wall Street.   No strings attached.   Blank Check. Have Fun Guys.

Next comes Timothy Geitner.


This sniveling little twit was a chief architect that gave away billions more of your dollars…famously writing bajillion dollar checks to France and paying them 100% on their risky investments because he determined that the French could not lose one penny on their investments…while the US Taxpayers lost bajillions.

Then comes Bernake


You just won’t find a bad picture of him…he’s always smiling.

Maybe these guys did the best they could….but that won’t do much for us when it all comes crashing down….

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