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HOWDY NEIGHBOR!….Well Fargo Here…We'd Like You To Help Us Break Into Your Neighbor's Home….YOU GAME? Will You Help Us?

I’ve long wondered how it is that the bank contractors are weaseling their way into gated communities, as part of their efforts to break into our neighbor’s homes.
In light of the recent scary break in and terrifying breach of basic American rights shown by the Alvin and Pat Tjosaas
How do they get past security gates and guards?   How do they convince homeowner’s associations, which have a fiduciary duty to protect their members, to turn their backs on their neighbors and engage in conduct which places the board at risk for claims?
Well, the document attached below provides some insight into this terrifying phenomena that is sweeping across this broken nation.
This form on Wells Fargo letterhead shows how they use false pretenses and encourage the homeowner associations to help them break into homes…..



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  • Mary Luz says:

    This is the events of a fellow Realtor. Her husband owns a “Property Preservation” business here in SW Florida. So he goes into bank owned properties, empties them out and re-keys the homes etc. Well, this Realtor has since opened a Consignment shop with all the stuff he has stolen from these properties. The bank orders for items to be moved curb side. Not picked through for your wifes profit center. She very often goes along with him on his assignments. This way she can pick and choose first what she wants for her shop. She flashes her Realtors license to the Security Guard and tells them she is there to take pictures for a listing. Gets them both in every time.
    Gated communities that are still being sold and have open sales offices always have their gates opened for 12 hours a day. So anyone can come in during those hours.
    This whole situation is a disgrace to America.

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