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Happy Friday–Brand Spankin’ New REPORTED Motion to Dismiss

For those of you still hanging around the office late on a Friday you get the chance to read the latest published opinion slamming the banks and their shady practices.   This one was hard fought and frankly a big surprise when it turned up in my office signed.   Check Florida Law Weekly on Monday for case citation.

Order Granting D’s Motion to Dismiss – 03-03-10

In other interesting news, it’s probably just a strange coincidence that many of the parties that participated in the Rally in Tally have had their websites attacked.   For those of you that have reported the viruses and attacks to my site, I think we have resolved the issues, but we’re still working to try and nail down the exact nature of the attacks.   It appears that some form of Denial Of Service Malware has been directed at my site in particular…not sure what’s happening with the other sites, but I will certainly publish all the information I can just as soon as I get it.

Old school business people used to say, “You know you’ve finally become successful when you become dangerous enough to someone’s interests that they sue you.”   Funny because my computer guy who didn’t know that quote said,

“Congratulations man, now we know we’re really doing something since we’re getting attacked!”

To the people doing the attacking….bring it on…it only makes me more committed!

Have a great weekend everyone and good luck to all the athletes competing at St. Anthony’s….the start of the 2010 North American Triathlon Series!

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