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Congratulations to everyone who sat there yesterday and basked in the warm glow of that special day.   For the vast majority of Amerikans, it was a false delusion celebrating what men should have accomplished.   The truth is the vast majority of American fathers have failed miserably in their only real job…..they failed to stand up, protect their children and fight to ensure their children have a better life and world to live in.
In pre-Apocolyptic Amerika, the celebration is a delusion, a nation praying to false idols.
In one short generation, Amerika has collapsed and its time for the men to stand up and take responsibility for what they’ve done.   Our grandfathers worked hard from the moment they were born until the days they died.   The proof of that generalized statement is borne out in the accumulated wealth of the Greatest Generation.   But more than that, they held their leaders accountable.   These gritty WWII veterans would not have sat back lazy and fat and allowed the raping and pillaging of this entire nation as their sons did.
From The Greatest Generation, to The Weakest, Laziest and Most Entitled Generation, Amerika’s dads sat back, fat dumb and happy. Cracking open the cold beers and lounging in the easy chair, glued to the television, basking in a sense of self importance and entitlement.   Mortgaging the homes they should have been paying off and living on credit and loans and creating an ever more desperate financial situation for their children.
From the beginning of mankind’s recorded history, fathers have worked to deliver unto their progeny a better place.   Abraham stood up, bravely ready to make the ultimate sacrifice.   Issac and Ishmael spent their lives fighting for their legacy…and so on and so on.   Every generation’s fathers preserving the land, building up the industries and tearing down governments and elected leaders when they jeopardized the future of a man’s children.   Not so this generation of fathers. They sat back while their own jobs and industries were destroyed.   They sat back while the Wall Street vipers cleaned out their parent’s retirement accounts that had been bequeathed to them. They sat back while elected officials in both parties and at every level gutted and destroyed and polluted this nation.
The result of sixty years of sloth and greed and arrogance and laziness is a desperate world of debt and tyranny and slavery for their children.   For the first time in the history of this nation, the world left for the father’s offspring is much, much worse than was ever previously left.   Not just much, much worse.   Worse on a scale and magnitude that is off the charts. There is simply no comparison.   From Washington to Eisenhower, every epoch in this nation’s history ushered in new promise and unlimited opportunity.   Fathers toiled and suffered and shouldered the yoke of paternal responsibility with a proud sense of dedication and resolve. Scrappy wiry Irish Grandfathers and thick and stout German draft horse Grandfathers.   They plowed the fields and built their industries and worked until the day they died.   Their elected leaders were afraid of them….and rightly so.   These were men not to be quarreled with.
Their sons on the other hand retired at 50 or 60, took out reverse mortgages, lived off pensions and the investments their fathers left to them.   They sat back and yelled at the 6:00 news but were too lazy to go yell at the elected leaders in person, much less write a letter or start a movement.   And so the jobs and the factories and the traditions that were handed down to them, they were dismantled and shipped off shore, piece by piece, year after year, law after law, tax policy after tax policy.
weidner-blogMartin Andelman asked a few months ago, “What Shall We Tell Our Children, Mr. President?”   And I wonder, what will Amerika’s fathers say to their children?   What will you say to your sons and daughters saddled with a trillion dollars in student loans? What will you say to your sons and daughters saddled with war wounds and injured soldiers that will never recover? What will you say to your sons and daughters who are left with an empty shell of a country? What will you say to your sons and daughters who have been handed a world teetering on the brink of all out war and collapse?   What will you say to your sons and daughters and your grandkids who will work their whole lives paying for the healthcare and the debt and the luxuries that you stole from them.
You shouldn’t say anything. There’s nothing you can say.   You should hang your heads in shame and walk away.   You failed your children. You failed in the only important task you were given when you came into this world…you left the world in far worse shape for your children.   Your children, today’s young adults will spend their entire lifetimes walking through the bombed out shells of the cities you left behind.   When they graduate college, they won’t buy homes to start their families and they won’t have solid jobs to provide for their wives.   They’ll rent homes that you allowed to be sold to hedge fund investors.   They’ll serve coffee and flip burgers while their brains turn to mush because you allowed all the technical and engineering and manufacturing jobs be shipped offshore.   They’ll give ever more of their paychecks to the hedge funds who own their student loan debts…the markers of the lifelong servitude you sold your own children into.
For those of you who are in this fight, let this be your rallying call….That you must leave this world a better place for your children.   That you must reject the gross and obscene failings of your fathers. That you must proudly shoulder once again the yoke that your grandfathers bore.   That you must pull the weight not just of your generation and of your failed father’s generation, but also of your children’s generation.   Every day and every moment, you must dig in deeper and pull stronger. You cannot sit complacent and you must not remain silent.   You must actively and persistently reject the legacy of corporatism and fascism that are today the pillars of this nation.   Community must supplant globalism, endeavor must replace entertainment and excursion.   A shovel and a workbench must replace the Lazy Boy and the television. And anything at all must replace this tyrannically corrupt and manically evil government that lords over us.
Time is short….what side of history will you be on?


  • Catherine Christiansen says:

    It is time we become a nation “on our knees worshiping the one true living God who holds us in His Hand and is waiting for us to call on Him. The movie “Courageous” is a great example of how the men of our nation can start to take back our country, starting in their own family. Hand in hand walking side by side are the women who support the men taking the country back.

  • chitown2020 says:

    Yes ….! Too many people believe that if they can just make more money they will be o.k….This was never about the money for the NWO GLOBALISTS who are behind this manufactured mess. This is and always was about CORPORATE GOVERNMENT CONTROL…COMPLETE COMMUNISM…TOTALITARIANISM. Complete power and control of not only everything…but everyone. The truth is the FED MONETARY SYSTEM is designed in such a way (credit based) that no matter how hard that you work….you will never get ahead. Everyone is just one business or job loss away from poverty. Besides that, almost every dime we spend into the economy that money is going overseas or to pay for political corruption.
    Boycott the Corporate hog and vote out the traitors. WE NEED TO EDUCATE OURSELVES…..Demand the Constitution be restored, our own currency be issued …..U.S. BANK NOTES…..via State Banks…..Abolish the FED..!

  • chitown2020 says:

    Stand up for your rights America..! Educate yourselves…!

  • Attorney Wendy Alison Nora says:

    May I add, “Mothers, you assumed the role of wage earner, citizen voter and community leaders in the post-WWII generation, demanding to participated equally with your brothers and husbands. You, too, must respond to this call to action. Many of you have been single-parents, both mother and father. You must continue to uphold the parental duties which were once allocated to fathers by social convention.”

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