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Student Loan Debt….10 Things You Should Know Before You Marry….

student-loan-debtSo you’ve gotten engaged “” mazel tov! No doubt you think you’ve found out everything there is to know about your spouse-to-be while you were dating him or her; for the most part, we’ll let you discover just how wrong you are on that score during the first few months of marriage. However, we would be remiss to let you run down the aisle without dropping some knowledge on you about your student loans first. Consider it our wedding gift to you, the happy couple.

  1. How many your significant other has:

    It’s tempting to be vague about a sensitive issue like money when two people are dating. But before you get into the gritty details of deciding how to manage your spouse’s student debt after the wedding, the first thing to do is figure out exactly what each of you owe. Do this well in advance of the wedding, at least six months ahead of time, especially if you aren’t even sure yourself. Dropping the burden of a huge amount of student debt into a fiancé’s lap has been known to kill a relationship, even days before the wedding.

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