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Hallliburton, Accused of Selling Nuclear Secrets To Iran, And Profiteering On War


  • speakout says:

    Me and thousands of other peace groups have been saying this for years, that our government is in the “business” of death and destruction. That’s what war is! Although, they will “glorify” it and give a soldier a pin for his “service” and a headstone if he dies. What people need to wake up and realize is they are profiting all down the chain. When a soldier dies, the government get s the payout of the insurance policy – $10 million. Not the family! So what are they doing with all this money? The government has evolved into a demolition and rebuild machine that is also controlling the drug trade. A friend ha a nephew in Afghanistan that was cultivating the poppy fields when he was over there as a “soldier”. The American people are being dupped.

    Cheney and his cohorts are “trading with the enemy”. If they call these countries the “axis of evil” to justify going to war.
    It’s a big scam. It is all about the profits going to a handful of greedy and uncaring elitists that beleive they are entitled to this agenda for profit. End the profit sfrom war and you’ll end war. Use the military to rebuild the infrastructure of nations that need it. You don’t have to bomb them first. The money paid for a bomb gives the american people zero return on their investment. Once a bomb is dropped, poof, the money disappeared. The military gets over 1 trillion a year to fund their “operations”. At least thats what is disclosed, how much is not disclosed?

    War should be declared a crime, and all profiting from death should be arrested. Just because they put a uniform on, why should it give them the right to kill people?! Same with police. Our thinking needs to be changed. America is brainwashed that war is patriotic. NO, it’s not. The boys are coerced with pay and spifs. They don’t realize the impact of putting their life on the line for this fraud.
    And they get paid a measly $20,000 per year! Disgusting! ALL profits should go to the families of thoses serving in the wars.
    Our government is out of control.

  • Concerned reader says:

    Excellent video on the waste in government from war profiteering. Below is a link to another expose that shows how Halliburton endangered the lives of soldiers. In one case, soldiers in Iraq had to wait in line for over one hour to get a meal in the mess hall that was run by Halliburton. While waiting in line, the soldiers were easy targets. In another example, Halliburton charged $100 to wash one load of laundry, and the soldiers complained it was still not clean. Then there were new trucks delivered without basic spare parts, such as spare tires and oil filters. When the trucks broke down, they were not fixed, but blown up and destroyed, and a new truck was ordered. It goes on, and on, and on.

    Halliburton: Taxpayer Funded Fraud In Iraq

    This is a small excerpt from a video called “The Decline And Fall Of America”, Directed by B.A. Brooks. This part is about Halliburton, and the incredible waste of taxpayer’s money in Iraq.

    The cost of the war:
    $275 million per day
    $11,458,000 per hour
    $190,972 per minute
    $4,100 per household
    Almost 4,000 U.S. soldiers killed and more than 60,000 wounded
    700,000 Iraqis killed and 4 million refugees

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