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The banksters, the corporations and the inept politicians have driven a stake into the heart of not just the US economy, but the world economy.

The systemic problems that exist are a by product of lies, fraud, corruption and unbridled corporatism.   People have lost faith in government at all levels, and with good reason.

Wall Street has not been punished for their crimes.   The bansters continue their assault against the American people.   The Fortune 500 is sitting on more cash than ever before.   But what about you?   Who are you going to hold responsible?   What are you going to do?

Every single elected official is vulnerable and every corporation that takes outsized benefits is complicit…..HEAR THAT SOUND?   It’s not your clock…it’s an alarm warning you that it’s time to act…..

With a steep decline of around 5 percent in the United States on Thursday, stocks have now fallen nearly 11 percent in two weeks.