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GET OUT AND VOTE! (Is the fascist you know better than the fascist that you don't know?)

The good news is tonight the election will be over. The bad news is this foolish, lazy and numb nation will elect a fascist who serves not The People, but the corporate interests that will accept no reign on their abuses. These were campaigns based on lies, propaganda and manipulation and the voting population refused to hold them to account.

No matter which of the two puppets crosses the electoral college finish line, one thing is certain…..THE PUPPET CHOSEN SERVES THE INTERESTS OF GOLDMAN SACHS AND WALL STREET…THE CORPORATE PEOPLE THAT PAID THEIR BILLS.

Because this nation’s population can no longer apparently handle big words, and analysis, these cartoons correctly express the big pictures in short snips.)

What a grotesque caricature these two figureheads are.   An alleged Constitutional Law professor guilty of signing into law the most constitutionally offensive law our nation has ever suffered….The National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 that suspends Due Process and allows secret renditions, prisons and detention of Amerikan citizens, this along with countless other laws and executive orders that represent wholesale shredding of the formerly applicable United States Constitution.   Yes, there is very real truth to the allegations that President Barack Obama has done more to destroy and desecrate the United States Constitution than any president before him.

But what have we been provided as an alternative.   A fatally flawed and hopelessly corrupted caricature of both the good and bad elements of what should be an alternative to Obama. A candidate that repeats over and over statements that are completely devoid of substance of proof and which stand in direct contradiction to everything he has done his entire lifetime.

Mitt Romney is going to create 12 million jobs….In America?   His entire professional career has been spent shipping jobs out of America.

Mitt Romney is going to cut tax rates…but he refuses to describe with any detail how he’s going to cut those rates?   And this from a guy that refuses to show his own tax returns but who has spent decades avoiding the US tax code entirely?

Mitt Romney, along with his children, ran and hid from military service, but he’s going to be a warrior commander in chief bulking up our military and sending us into conflict around the globe?

Mitt Romney’s going to start a trade war (which could lead to a real war) with China on the first day in office, while his entire professional success is built on the benefits those very policies have created?

I could go on and on, but what’s the point?   After all, Goldman and Morgan and Bilderberg and Rothschild have already decided…

Let’s just get it over with.


  • Esteban Oquendo says:

    Excellent description about the two candidates for President. I rather not vote for either. Not worth my time and effort. The nation is already taken by big corporations and banksters.

  • John Anderson says:

    Now that the Republicans have nominated a Mormon for President, who would be sworn in on the Book Of Mormon ” If they can get a SC Justice to do it ” why not run John Travolta for President in 2016? He’s a actor like Reagan, and a republican. I guess he would want to be sworn in on a copy of L Ron Hubbard’s ” Battlefield Earth ” and have Bibi Netanyahu as his Chief of Staff.
    Have the Mormons curbed the practice of marriage and rape of young girls by their ministers?

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