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Voting in Amerika, An International Disgrace….They're attacking amerika from within.

I went to my polling location this morning before dawn and already people were lined up….hours long lines already and the sun isn’t risen.
We are a disgusting disgrace in this nation.   A nation full of lazy, cowardly hypocrites being governed by sociopathic criminals.
We bomb entire nations, killing millions of men, women, babies and children because we don’t approve of the way their leaders are selected, meanwhile in this country, the ReThuglican candidates have acted like out of control bullying mafioso, crushing dissent, attacking members that get out of line and terrorizing entire segments of the voting population.
And still we have the audacity to claim some moral superiority when it comes to elections. How dare we.
The RepubliCONs have engineered very effective vote suppression in Florida especially, and probably all across the nation.   And if you read the litigation pending across the state of FLorida, especially the Jim Greer lawsuit, you’ll understand that the RPOF acts much like a criminal enterprise, defrauding members and contributors and misrepresenting what they are doing with contributions.
The two men at the top of the GOP ticket in Florida, Mitt Romney and Rick Scott are both masters of Medicare fraud…they’ve stolen hundreds of millions from sick old people….for all those people that will vote for Romney and for whomever voted for Scott…..What’s wrong with your brain that you can ignore that and still think they’re qualified to serve?
Meanwhile, I’m qualified and am on the very same ballot as all these monsters this year.   In my Florida House Race, District 68, the Republican Frank Farkas and the Republican Party of Florida have engaged in a scorched earth campaign to attack our court system and in fact the United States Constitution with an attack campaign against Dudley that asserts the proposition that if an attorney has ever served as a public defender or fulfilled the Constitutional Right to counsel for a person charged with a crime, that candidate is unfit for office. Farkas and the RPOF don’t seem to care that this is what the Constitution demands and that men and women in uniform fought and died for these kind of rights…and rights to vote that are being taken away from people.
Equally disgraceful is the RPOF’s attack on our Florida Supreme Court…again they don’t care that its the Constitution they’re attacking.
I’ve never voted for a Democrat and I probably still won’t but I promise you I won’t vote for a single member of the corrupt, thuggish criminal enterprise that is the Republican Party.


  • neidermeyer says:

    Cry all you want Matt ,, but it’s Barack Obama that’s responsible for low RAT voter turnout ,, he’s a miserable failure and the number of down-ballot races like yours WILL be affected.. It’s ridiculous partisan stories like this that are killing your credibility.

  • John Anderson says:

    The people who are really controlling politics in America are very happy. These people want the American people evenly divided, and they have succeeded. They control the mainstream media, and both major political parties, and have for decades. This control was started with the Kennedy coup, to facilitate the Vietnam war, then Nixon opening trade with China ” most favored status ” and Kissinger setting up and naming OPEC in 1973. They were the big steam behind NAFTA.
    These people are generational in their plans. They have the greatest concentration of wealth in the world. They are the overlords of gold and fiat currencies, and control and manipulate stock markets around the world. They own/control the Bank of England, our FED, and what is called the military industrial complex, ” Eisenhower warned us ” and the TBTF Banks. They are the ones pumping the money to parties for all the advertising, and divisionism of national politics.
    These people are the Rothschild Banking Cartel. They have been causing and financing wars for over 500 years.
    For more information watch ” The Secrets of Oz ” on YouTube. It was voted Best Documentry of 2010, and is the best history of money documentry I have found, and it should be shone in every classroom in America, and the world.
    We need to end the FED, and restore the control of money to Congress, as it belongs under the Constitution.

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