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Germany Prepares to Charge The USA- And Florida’s New Foreclosure Law IT’S IN EFFECT TODAY…JULY 1!

Some people don’t like my continual references to, ” The US is a corporate fascist state!”  But the Snowden leaks reveal just how terrifyingly real that statement is.  Domestically, we see all of the US government working to serve the interests of the corporations that pay to keep it in operation.  We see the National Mortgage Settlement with terms and conditions that do more to serve the interests of the banks that committed the crimes and do nothing for consumers….well, no, actually you did get that $300 check….right?

When you see the extent to which our own government will sell out The People of the United States in order to serve her corporate masters…is it any surprise that the US fascist state has likewise sold out and double crossed our own allies?  It is clear that USA Inc. engaged in a massive corporate espionage scandal….we were not spying on our allies to serve just national security interests.

And there will be a serious price to pay for our betrayal.  In fact, the USA is undoubtedly more vulnerable today than at any time in recent history.  It is a crazy, dangerous world and we’ve double crossed our friends.

Turning right here to home, anyone who gets hit with a foreclosure complaint filed after July 1 will have a brand new world to consider.  We’ve been working on new responses and Motions to Dismiss subjects for weeks now….I know the foreclosure mills are not ready to respond!

And there are dangers for consumers who have had cases pending for a long time.  If your case has been pending for many months or years…..WATCH OUT!  Florida’s new foreclosure law, like the housing Grim Reaper….is coming to get you!

Germany’s Federal Prosecutor’s office said it was preparing to bring charges against British and US intelligence today amid fresh allegations that the services spied far more extensively than thought on German phone and internet traffic and bugged European Union offices in  America.

A report alleging a major and continuous US National Security Agency spying operation in Germany was published by Der Spiegel magazine today, prompting outrage from Berlin MPs still reeling from reports about extensive British surveillance in their country. The German Justice Minister, Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenburger, demanded an immediate explanation and said the behaviour of the intelligence services was “reminiscent of the actions against enemies during the Cold War”. “It defies belief that our friends in the US see the Europeans as their enemies,” she said.

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