Foreclosure Defense Florida

Florida’s New Foreclosure Law Take Effect Monday….ARE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY READY?

Foreclosures have always been a very difficult case to make for consumers…

And the new foreclosure law will make it even more important than ever that consumers have an experienced attorney on their side….

Gone are the days of consumers doing it alone….


  • Meghan says:

    This seems like a fair bit of fear mongering going on.I’ve been in foreclosure-really in contested litigation since 2008,it’s very stressful-but if there’s a trial scheduled now-it’s their only shot-statutes of limitations..they’ve tried 3x over the years at Summary Judgment n lost each time,it’s not even my correct name on the suit..dox,Linda Greene,the whole nine…so calm down w this

  • Kelly says:

    @ Meghan … What is the statutes of limitations?

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