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From The Clerk of Court- “There is no need to PANIC” (Which means to me that it’s time to panic.)

foreclosure-titlesOkay.   The Clerk of Court takes the time to reach out to all the readers in a major metropolitan area.   Just when I think I cannot get more blown away with what’s happening in our country and in our courts, something even more extraordinary happens. BUT THIS MAY BE ONE OF THE MOST EXTRAORDINARY YET….PLEASE READ ON.

As Florida’s foreclosure crisis continues, I suggest that property owners conduct regular and routine public records searches, every six months to a year, for faulty liens and other documents that may be filed against their property.

Just as you would run a credit report to protect your identity and credit rating, Manatee County property owners may go to and conduct a public records search. An easy step-by-step guide is on the homepage.

An astronomical number of foreclosure cases have been filed in Florida in the past few years. As the foreclosure process and “foreclosure mills” came under scrutiny for inaccurate documentation and other issues, the need to show clear and accurate title to one’s own property came to the forefront.

There is no need for panic. This is a preventive measure that homeowners should take just to be sure there are no issues with their title. From my office’s website, a property owner can conduct a completely free search any time of day, any day of the week.

What should homeowners do if they find a filing or document that does not look familiar or is not theirs? Homeowners do have recourse. The first step is to contact the party that filed so they can correct the information. The filing party’s contact information is readily available on the document. If the dispute cannot be resolved, the homeowner can file a civil case to remedy the record.

People who own property in other Florida counties can search directly on that county clerk’s website or conduct a public records search on

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