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Forget What You Think You Know About Justice…A Scathing Article on Fraudclosure Court

foreclosed-homeownersI am so far beyond disturbed anymore.   I was disturbed a year ago after we went to Tallahassee and demanded a moratorium on foreclosures because of all the evidence of major problems.   I am sickened by what is happening in our courtrooms.   Courtrooms no longer symbolize for me the highest aspirational qualities of our country.   In the last several weeks I’ve been beaten up in courtrooms all across this state and I am convinced our court system has been consumed by the same evil and perversions that are wreaking havoc on the rest of our country and economy.

The sad thing is we’ve all become too weak to do anything about it….and for that, we deserve the government we’ve not got…..

Dubbed the “˜rocket docket‘, the county’s foreclosure track cruises through several hundred cases daily, many ending in judgments for the lender and the subsequent scheduling of a foreclosure sale.

In the process, critics say, the docket tramples basic rules of civil procedure and due process. They point to the speed with which judges move cases along, and the emphasis on an expedited trial or summary judgment versus discovery.

Naples Daily News

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