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Egypt, Libya, Cop Killers In St. Petersburg and My Tax Dollars.

tax-dollarsI’m encouraged to learn they may have caught the monster that gunned down a police officer just blocks from my home last night…a teenage monster, cop killer.

I’m furious that taxpayers may be paying out the $100,000 reward…I’m even more furious that we’ll be paying out hundreds of dollars in damages when the woman who was harboring last week’s cop killer’s home was bulldozed by the police as they tried to extract one of the two dead police officers…..SHE WAS HARBORING A KNOWN FELON WITH OPEN WARRANTS….AND SHE KNEW IT….AND TWO COPS GOT KILLED BECAUSE SHE WAS HARBORING HIM…WHY SHOULD WE PAY A SINGLE DIME?

While I’m at it, I’ve got a real problem with St. Petersburg’s Vice Mayor attending the cop killer’s funeral…especially when he couldn’t be bothered to attend either of the two police officer’s funeral.   And what was our city’s second in charge doing strolling down the street today after lunch while a cop killer was on the loose…why wasn’t he at the command center?

As I was thinking about all this I have been paying very close attention to what’s happening in the middle east….and in the midwest.   The middle east is going crazy and it’s only going to get worse….much, much worse.   As I look around the middle east, I wonder just what would happen on our streets if the federal and state governments were not pumping millions of dollars each month in state and federal aid and benefits to the kind of monsters that are walking around our streets.   Just think about it, our country is broke, we cannot afford to be paying anything and we just shouldn’t keep paying out benefits to monsters….but just think of what happens when we finally bite the bullet and start backing away from handing out all the “free” government benefits we provide.

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