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Foreclosures, Mortgages And Other Weapons of Mass (Financial) Destruction

By September 11, 20123 Comments

The best way to rob a bank is indeed to own one….but why stop there? After all, Amerikans don’t keep most of their assets in banks….equity in homes was where the vast wealth accumulated by Amerikans was stored.   Was stored, until that is it was all robbed…stolen, taken from an entire generation of dopey Amerikans.   And what a masterful play it was….take trillions from one group then turn around and sell what you’ve taken to another group.   The mortgages placed on homes was the first play, then packaging them into CDOs and selling them was the second step.
The fraud involved was off the charts…as described in detail in the FDIC lawsuits posted below.   The fraud was so huge it really is off the charts….one might wonder,

“Why no criminal charges?”

But then, after all, this is Amerika where we have chosen to reward and promote our nation’s masters of crime.   The elite are doing well…quite well, thank you very much.
The stock market….back to stratospheric records…but how are things going in your hood?
Vote Goldman 2012!


  • neidermeyer says:

    The choice is vote Goldman or vote Kruschev … I will vote Goldman knowing that the #2 is a real reformer and because voting Kruschev is certain death. I’m not happy with the choices either but that is where we are at today..
    If you ever need to escape an internment camp (only halfway joking) I’ll save a bunk for you at my farm in the Philippines .. you’ll be safe there..

  • Steve Banks says:

    Is it really that SIMPLE?!? Strict Communism or Strict runaway CAPITALISM?!
    I’ll vote for the Rule of Law and the better judgement of my government…..
    Am I that naive?!?

  • Mark Bowen says:

    You’ve got it backwards Matt. The first step in the scheme was to sell the CDO’s; step two was to use the money obtained through those fraudulent misrepresentations to fund the mortgages that were to fill the imaginary pools in the imaginary trusts. Reference your previous post “BOMBSHELL! BOMBSHELL! BOMBSHELL!- FDIC SUES THE BIG BANKS FOR MASSIVE SECURITIES FRAUD!”. Not that anything, but maybe some hefty fines or offsets, will ever come of the lawsuit. The FDIC, SEC, and the Fed (including the three top rating agencies) are all complicit with those frauds.

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