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Foreclosure Fraud Is Fascism: The Banks Own The Government And Even The Piddling Foreclsoure Fraud Checks Are Bouncing….

The United States Government is no longer independent, it is an operating subsidiary of the banks, the institutions and Wall Street that have robbed the american people blind and who continue to abuse and attack the american people every single day.
It is a FACT that the banks, institutions, corporations and Wall Street are more profitable than EVER BEFORE.
It is a FACT that the banks, institutions, corporations and Wall Street are sitting on BILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN CASH.
it is a FACT that they have pocketed that cash easily and more efficiently than ever before because the United States Government has worked in cooperation with those who pocketed that cash to ease and speed the transfer of that money from the People of the United States of America.
It is a FACT that the settlements signed between the banks and the government that was supposed to be regulating them represent that banks sticking a big fat middle fat middle finger into the eyes of the American people.
Nowhere is all of this insult and treason and infamy more dramatic…(at least this week) than what’s happening with with the banks and the fraudclosure settlement.
First consumers get stabbed in the eye with insulting settlement checks that amount to nothing.
Then, there are reports that even those piddling checks are bouncing.
Finally, the checks are only good for 90 days…and what happens to the money if they are not cashed within that period?
Inquiring minds want to now….From Palm Beach Post:
More than one million checks were sent out Friday to borrowers eligible to receive money from the Independent Foreclosure Review program, but people trying to cash the awards were told insufficient funds existed to make the transaction.
The checks, which range from a few hundred dollars to $125,000, were from Rust Consulting, the contracted paying agent for the review.
The company sent out a press release Tuesday saying it can guarantee there is $3.6 billion in an account to make the checks good

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  • Evangeline says:

    Sweet Justice: Turning the bank’s fraud against it
    OCT 11, 2012
    Last week Lara came into our office with an interesting story of a fraudulent foreclosure and an exciting opportunity of redemption. She actually was sued for foreclosure three years ago, and suffered an adverse judgment a year later.
    Thereafter the bank had a sheriff’s sale set, and bought the home at the sale. A bankruptcy intervened which slowed down the process until recently. Now the bank is asking the court to confirm the sale, the next step which normally would lead to someone in Lara’s position being dispossessed of her home for good. However, Lara’s story had an interesting twist ““ she had just received a letter from current Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine indicating that she could be eligible for a payment of about $850, due to fraudulent practices regularly used by her loan servicer in foreclosures. This money is the result of a $25 billion settlement reached between Lara’s bank and the government in April of this year.
    In other words, the payment offered Lara was her bank’s way of apologizing to her for using illegal means to gain foreclosure. This mea culpa by the bank could turn out to be a huge break for Lara.
    Since the foreclosure is still pending, it presents a clear opportunity for her to go back to the court and ask it to set aside the old judgment. The argument is almost irrefutable in its logic ““ the recompense offered Lara is the next best thing to an out-and-out admission of wrongdoing by the bank in her foreclosure case. Given this admission, what is the court to do when asked to prevent the bank from benefiting from its own wrongdoing?
    Even more interesting is the question of how the bank will react when asked to cough up its ill-gotten gain, the foreclosure judgment, when confronted with a motion to set that judgment aside. The bank is in the precarious and unenviable position of having to defend a judgment which it has already admitted was fraudulently obtained. Sweet justice.
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