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Foreclosure Crisis Hits Home For All- Something To Consider as the 50 State AG “Settlement” Looms

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  • Bob M says:

    A letter I just sent off.
    Dear Attorney General Schneiderman:
    I write this letter with dire concern. I just saw braking news that you were considering joining the settlement that would absolve the Banks for their egregious criminal behavior making it that much harder for those who have the will to fight back against this omnipotent, omnipresent criminal enterprise.
    My heart sank to the floor as I listened.
    The entire country was relying on you and you alone, to protect us from the criminals that roam Wall Street and their predatory associates.
    I have spent three years investigating the crime that has been perpetrated on society as a whole. I know many of the things I have uncovered have been shared with you.
    Notwithstanding the fact, that I reside in Massachusetts, my hopes rested with you and not my AG.
    Words cannot express the anxiety I feel at this very moment. I feel as though the world just caved in on me and all hope is lost. They will use this settlement in courts all over the country against the homeowner that sues. It is a hard fought battle as it stands and this settlement will only make matters worse for the average homeowner and it will erect yet another barrier to justice.
    I implore you not to enter this settlement and send a clear message to the people that destroyed our Nation and the Citizens therein, that they will pay for what they did.
    I called your office minutes ago because I wanted to speak to you personally.
    Mr. Schneiderman, I am not an occupier of Wall Street or of Boston, what I am, is the last of a dying bread in this Country.
    At this very moment, I feel like Patrick Henry when he made his impassion speech to the last Continental Congress where he coined the immortal words, ” Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death”. Most people do not know that he also stated, ” What shall we do, wait until they take our last Gun”, and so began the bloody battle that was the Revolutionary War.
    You were our last hope that justice still rains in this Country and the entire Country has been holding its breath praying you would not sign on to this rotten and corrupt settlement were it is the intent to throw crumbs at us. They stole Trillions of Dollars, destroyed Millions of lives and have illegally displaced Millions of American citizens from their homes.
    What shall we do now, wait until they take our last home? Attached is a link where I share a story with the Nation, kindly read it, that’s how I spent my day last Friday.
    Please call me
    Bob Marley

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