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Florida’s Courts Are Gutted- Furloughs Coming Soon

Everyone needs to stop and think about all the millions of dollars that our courts and their staff have wasted because of the foreclosure mills and their bad practices.   How many hearings do they not show up for? How many hearings are unnecessary, because they are clearly wrong?   How much time is spent juggling phones to accommodate their whims?   How much time is being wasted now on David J. Stern cases?   And right in the middle of all of this, we find that our courts are so underfunded that severe budget measures will be taken this month?

Why wont our judges stand up?

Florida’s judges have been under grossly improper pressure to clear the mounting backlog of foreclosure cases and they have responded, but jumping through hoops and churning through cases at a record clip.   I think they should have slowed down, taken their time and focused on doing the job to the degree that they are properly funded to accomplish it…no hurrying things up, no setting hearings in block, just slow and steady like the rest of the docket.   And if the legislature doesn’t like it…..they can provide more long-term funding in order to get the job done…..not Rocket Docket Cash.

But now Florida’s Criminal in Chief, Rick Scott, has put a choke hold on court funding.   Now if they just shut down our courts and closed the doors, that would be consistent.   But that’s not what is going to happen.   The corrupt politicians who are running our state ((into the ground)) are guaranteed going to come up with a legislative “fix” to the foreclosure problem that is going to be a gift to the banks and the foreclosure mills.   Money is changing hands among the powers that be and that money is going to fund a “solution” that will be so repugnant to every sense of fair play and integrity….just wait. Read the Florida Bar News Article that discusses the funding crisis:

Goodner’s chart shows that while foreclosure filings represent only 8 percent of the total work load of the courts, 79 percent of the revenue to the SCRTF is generated from just those filings.

Florida Bar News