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Foreclosure Defense Florida

Florida (un)FairForeclosure Act Propaganda

The dark side and their ministers of propaganda are our in full force…..

Florida is among 26 states that requires banks to file foreclosures through the court system, a process that takes an average of 728 days to complete, according to Lender Processing Services. In states where foreclosures aren’t routinely handled by the courts, a foreclosure takes an average of 550 days to process, from default notice to repossession, the research firm reported recently.

Pressured by the Florida Bankers Association, state lawmakers are now grappling with the lingering court process.

Legislators are considering proposals that would divert noncontested foreclosures from the courts, allowing banks to handle them in much the same way they repossess cars. If such a measure became law, it would likely affect houses entering foreclosure after June 2012.