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Crop Failure – Like Economic Armageddon….But Far, Far Worse.

Some time ago I started paying attention to farmers and our food supply.   After watching what the corporate interests were being allowed to get away with in the housing market, I wanted to see just what they were doing with a far more valuable commodity…food.   And sure enough, the same evil practices that destroyed our housing market and overall economy are magnified in the food production arena.

The bottom line is corporate interests, team up with financial interests to grind outsized profits out of a system, without regard for the long term impacts.   Government regulators and elected officials, which should serve to buffer such impacts, are corrupt and just stand aside while this happens.   The results can be quite devastating.

We should all be paying attention to where our food comes from…all of it…and understand what will happen when the magic box called our grocery stores stops working.   At some point in time, our food delivery system will be disrupted.   There are just too many variables that are tenuous for a disruption not to occur.   But the worst of course would be widespread failure of an entire crop.   It is happening and no one has any good official explanation.   But we can look at what’s happened in the housing and financial markets and extrapolate out….the corporate hijacking of our food system.   Oh, and then throw in the awesome power and unpredictability of mother nature. And there are other signs of apocalyptic problems with our food supply system…do you know what’s happening with our honey bees?   Well, don’t feel bad if you don’t because scientists don’t either….and that should be very, very troubling.

The fact is that an extraordinary percentage of our nation (and the world’s) food supply production capability has been concentrated into one or two large multinational corporations.   They are manipulating government law and policy at all levels to put a greater stranglehold on the means of production while at the same time complexities are causing them problems that are not at all understood.   We are losing the diversity in production that would mediate against widespread problems and the losses are occurring by design. Consider the following article:

The dangers of large corporate domination of the world’s food supplyare again in focus as another GMO failure hits South Africa.  This time the problem is GMO yellow corn seed that is failing to germinate, causing a shortage in seed for the  upcoming planting.  Losses are expected to reach 50% of all GMO yellow corn seed famers were  counting on.  These losses are not easily replaced and have left them with little or nothing to fill the gap.

Monsanto  South Africa, part of the nefarious U.S. corporate giant at the head of the assault on the world’s food supply, sells its GMO seed under the Dekalb brand.  While corporate communications manager for Monsanto SA, Magda du Toit does not report Dekalb’s market share by claiming that no companies or institutions carry out market research into this share, sources say it is 55%.  This is a big  event because corn is the primary staple food for South Africa’s 48 million people.
and this:
In the U.S., Monsanto continues to block access to non GMO seeds by buying up seed companies across the Midwest, and getting legislators to put through laws that make cleaning, collecting and storing seeds so onerous in terms of fees and paperwork that using conventional seeds becomes almost impossible.  Laws are proposed that ensure farmers cannot block the planting of GMO seeds even if they contaminate other crops.  Ownership of seed cleaning equipment is made illegal by considering it a source of seed contamination.  More than 1,500 farmers whose fields have been contaminated by GMO seeds have been sued for royalty payments.

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