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FASCISM UPDATE- Banks Pay Fines For Illegal Foreclosure Conduct, Those Fines Used to “Speed Up Foreclosures”

Let’s say a drug cartel is convicted and ordered to pay millions of dollars in fines.   But as part of the agreement to pay those fines, the drug cartel demands that the government use some of that money to fund special courts to resolve the cases of the street level drug dealers who sold the drugs. Outrageous…right?

Well, that’s exactly what The Banks got away with.   They paid a few dollars in fines, but precious little of that money is being used to help the victims of the crime spree.   In fact, $29 million goes to, CLEAR THIS BACKLOG!

“There is a tremendous backlog,” Bondi said. “We have to do everything we can to get rid of that backlog, but it has to be under stringent guidelines.”

It’s just outrageous.   The banks continue to grossly abuse not just consumers, but the entirety of the court process, making a mockery of our legal system.   The banks, working in cooperation with the government they own, spit in the face of a legal system and the government that is supposed to protect citizens instead attacks whistleblowers and protects and defends too big to fail corporate organized crime cartels.
While other attorneys general are actually taking steps to hold banks accountable, read what Florida Attorney General has to say:

“Eric Schneiderman can say he’ll sue all day long, but there’s a process that you go through first,” Bondi said. “There are stringent provisions under this settlement process, and we’re doing everything to hold the banks accountable.”

Actually, Florida is doing NOTHING. And that’s a terrifying example of government failure.


But most importantly, read details of the on-goiing abuses here:

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