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We Would Not Permit What’s Happening in Foreclosure Courtrooms To Occur in Murder, Child Molestation and Rape Cases….Would We?

The American collective perception of the American system of jurisprudence is that we would rather have 100 guilty men go free than to have one innocent man be punished.

The manifestation of this perception is that we do collectively accept when a reviled person, who we know committed the crime, walks free.   When O.J. Simpson was declared “Not Guilty”, not only did this country not break down…there was cheering in the streets….celebration….vindication even.

When Casey Anthony was declared, “Not Guilty”, the verdict was both criticized and celebrated….even though most people believed then and still believe now that she is in fact guilty of something.

We give great respect and reverence to our court system, knowing that it can produce unexpected results, but believing that respecting the process is far more important than what occurs in any individual case.

But there are terribly disturbing things happening all across this state in the context of foreclosure cases. In areas, we have flipped the notion of a justice system on it’s head, with entire courts manifesting a new theory of justice that rules, evidence, procedure, laws, all must be bent, abused and broken if that’s what’s necessary to achieve the over-arching, and predetermined goal….


It’s not just individual cases in which this is occurring, it’s across the entire court system.   Pressure coming down directly and explicitly from On High, the highest court in this land, the Florida Supreme Court….working in conjunction with the Legislative Branch and the Executive Branch…..all three aligning to serve that pre-determined course…CLEAR THIS FORECLOSURE BACKLOG.

We hear it from good judges all across the state, “My job is to clear cases.” and “The Supreme Court Has Issued It’s Orders”. and so those orders are being followed.   Even if it means that what lawyers and judges and Americans have fought for hundreds of years to build must be destroyed in the process.

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