Equifax Security Breach

The EQUIFAX BREACH- It Just Keeps Getting Worse…..

The astonishing negligence that led to the Equifax breach was bad enough…but their responses to the crisis just keep making things worse. First, Equifax creates their own series of blunders…then they continue to make things worse by not properly responding to consumers.

Just today, the Wall Street Journal reports that the breach occurred much earlier than first reported.  Then, the New York Times reports that a fake Equifax site was created….and Equifax themselves linked to the fake site.

So, if you’re a consumer and you’re nervous about sharing any of your information

“Their site is dangerously easy to impersonate,” Mr. Sweeting said in an email, noting that he had created the site solely to draw attention to the weakness of Equifax’s security. “It only took me 20 minutes to build my clone. I can guarantee there are real malicious phishing versions already out there.”

“It’s in everyone’s interest to get Equifax to change this site to a reputable domain,” he added. “I knew it would only cost me $10 to set up a site that would get people to notice, so I just did it.”

In a short statement on Wednesday, Equifax said all posts containing the wrong link had been deleted.




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