In these busy times, many consumers are just too busy to pay careful attention to the bills that are flying through their bank accounts. And this is especially true when bills are set up to auto withdraw when tied to a consumer’s bank account.

This problem is really going to hit many consumers when they find that Duke Energy has sent them bills that demand far in excess of their expected monthly billing. And it will be even worse if Duke goes far enough to actually take that money out of the customer’s account. According to Duke, these erroneous bills were a mistake….But their billing mistakes are costing people real heartache. (And isn’t it funny how big corporation’s “mistakes” never help the consumer?)

“Don’t even worry about the estimate,” Layne said. “Their actual bills are coming.” Layne said Duke should have the ability to read meters starting next week, and that’s when the new bills will be issued. The company, she said, also will not charge any late fees for this billing cycle.


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