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EMERGENCY- Our Nation’s Attorney Generals, Will They Sign The Deal With The Devil?

Bad-Servicer-AgreementThis very weekend, attorney generals from all 50 states are under the most intense pressure from the Obama administration to sign off on a settlement with the big banks.   As the AGs are being twisted, blackmailed, extorted into signing whatever this very bad deal is, they and all of us, need to consider the bigger picture and the law of unintended consequences.   The most recent example of this is Florida-based Lender Processing Services using text from the Florida Inspector General’s report in their Motion to Dismiss a lawsuit that was filed against them by the Nevada attorney general.

It’s an absurd argument and the Florida Inspector General Report is nothing but a corporate-sponsored bit of propaganda, but the text gives a foothold and who knows, judges looking to find some way to affirm a system that has gone wildly out of control might just grab that foothold. In the midst of this, we should also consider that there is a lawsuit pending between a big mortgage servicer, American Home Mortgage Servcing and LPS for some of the same issues addressed in the AG suit.

The bottom line is vast areas of both our nation and our federal and state jurisprudence will be altered forever if the AGs sign onto this deal with the devil. Entire subject areas of the law will be altered with no input from legislators, judges or The People.   This would be corporate-sponsored lawmaking of the most gross and corrupt manner.   The deal is being pushed by Iowa attorney general Tom Miller, who first said he was going to put banksters in jail, then changed his tune after receiving campaign contributions. Pam Bondi is screaming at other attorney Generals, namely California attorney general Kamela Harris , to sign onto the deal claiming that it is the best thing for California….um, maybe Harris is in a better position to make this call?

It should be noted that even the Attorney Generals themselves do not now exactly what the terms of the deal are.   This fact is evidenced by Nevada Attorney General Masto’s recent letter to the feds where she rolled out her list of questions….kind of like Martin Luther King’s 95 Thesis, Masto’s questions should be discussed publicly, openly and there should be firm and binding answers to every single question.   But those answers will not come.   The AGs are being told to trust, and some are ignoring that basic precept, “Trust But Verify”, just follow the pied piper and the Song of Siren. (Much more on that here)

Negotiations are happening and deals are being cut in secret chambers, far away from the prying eyes of the public, of judges, of journalists and all very far away from the antiseptic properties of sunlight and full disclosure.   This fact in and of itself is a violation of the most basic aspects of our nation’s former bedrock principles and law, but it’s a perfect illustration of how we have descended from a government of the people to a government by the corporations.   Secrecy, campaign contributions and side deals are the hallmarks of corrupt government, keep that in mind. The next part of the equation is that corrupt government is not entitled to the assent of the people.

If the AGs sign onto any deal without a full examination of all the facts, they will, both directly and indirectly, be affirming and condoning a whole universe of heretofore illegal and improper conduct and will, by consent, be partners in the madness and lawlessness.   No one is talking about the long-term consequences, the destruction of our nation’s Rule of Law and the human toll in all of this madness. The discussion about the deal and its terms has gotten so antiseptic and mechanical, and most are losing sight of the fact that signing this deal is signing onto a deal with the devil….hastening our nation’s decent into a pit of darkness, evil and lawlessness.

I think we all are resigned, on some level, to some deal going forward….what these people don’t get is that when they sign this deal, that is not the end…in fact it’s just the beginning of the Faustian Bargain…..the devil always wants more.


  • Thomas says:

    Excellent article.
    Thanks for speaking the truth.

  • satish shetty says:

    Wake up America! Your life, freedom and liberty is on the line. Law and the Constitution is being held hostage by those who now have the gold. Politicians want to be elected and reelected. There is a deal n the making. No judges, lawmakers are involved. Only corrupt politicians and coerced generals of the state. WAKE UP BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE AND BEYOND YOUR CONTROL. SUE THEM NOW! IN COURT! ATTORNEYS STYDY AND RESEARCH YOUR CLIENT’S CASE BEFORE YOU ACT LEST HE WILL SUFFER RES JUDICATA PRECLUSION LATER. CITIZENS AND NON CITIZENS ALIKE. SLAVERY WAS ABOLISHED LONG AGO. DO NOT LET THEM ABOLOSH THAT ASPECT OF THE CONSTITUTION. NOW! NOW! I MEAN NOW! THIS MOMENT. THE ONLY MOMENT BEFORE YOU NEED A REVOLUTION TO STOP THEM.

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