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Do The Banksters Care If You Move Your Money?

Banks-move-moneyIf you had said as recently as a few months ago that you didn’t trust the banks and you were going to remove your money, many people would think you were a little nutty.

But I challenge you brothers and sisters….ask the smart people in your world what they think about this today.   I’ve been asking wise old timers and smart wipper snappers…book smart braniacs and street smart hustlers.   And let me tell you something….I can’t find a single person who doesn’t at least think it’s not entirely unreasonable.

The biggest part of my analysis is what I see every single day…..banks engaged in either gross incompetence or willful improper conduct…..whatever the case, I’ve got no confidence in the banking or financial systems.

The next part of my analysis comes from looking at the behavior of the loons and criminals that pass for leadership in this country today, like this arrogant asshole Congressman Joe Walsh…(watch the video here) God I would love the chance to yell at this guy….

While this shill is screaming in defense of the banks, the banks are robbing us all blind.

Do they care if you move your money? Well, an interesting answer to that question comes up related to the issue of the banks and their cash reserves…..the banks already do not have the capital they are required to carry… what happens when more and more of that money gets pulled out?

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  • John Anderson says:

    I hope that enough people take the time to study the problems of modern financial workings especially the role of the FED in this crisis. The banks have access to money from the FED at ridiculously low rates, but are still holding off on making loans to even very successful small businesses, because they want to influence the next election cycle.
    This is reason enough to put them outa business if possible.
    Even though the banks can get cheap money from the FED, it does not carry the multyplier effect that deposits from sources other than the central bank. These banks “TBTF” now make more money off the stock market, than loans.
    So get your money out of them and put it into a local S&L.

  • WiseFather says:

    I made a video protest recently for my blog. It is quite funny even if you are pro-megabank. I called my credit card’s customer service line to do some negotiating. Having a bit of leverage, I thought it presented a great opportunity to mess with them a little and make a few points about the unfairness of the credit card lending system. Since it’s a protest at home, I called it my kitchen counterstrike against Bank of America. I think you might enjoy it.

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