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Contagion Spreads, The World in Trouble and The Republicans Fritter Around….

The world on a the brink of collapse and this is the best the Republicans have to offer.   That’s what I think every time I look at the field of Republican candidates…and then I become even more anxious and concerned.   I shouldn’t really because the parties are a distraction, and the candidates are nothing more than clowns in a circus, but in these dire times when we are in need of rescue more than anyone can possibly fathom, it’s just mind blowing that this crowd is the only alternative….The rise of Rick Perry is especially disturbing….just watch a few of his little public performances…



And just for a special kicker, watch this video of


Which brings us to a sort of dark horse in the campaign….Newt Gingrich.   Now there’s much negative about Gingrich, but one thing that I don’t think is even in dispute….he’s the smartest, most experienced and well versed of all the current candidates.   Again, ignoring all personality and removing all the negatives (especially the personal stuff), there is not a single candidate that has Gingrich’s encyclopedic knowledge of American history and policy.

Now Gingrich is deeply unpopular with very high negatives.   But for those looking for an alternative to Obama, he’s a dark horse alternative to this morass that we’re in right now.   And with the exception of Mitt Romney, he’s the only one that stands even a ghost of a chance in a general election…

Make no mistake, I don’t particularly like Gingrich. Or any of them for that matter.   But the plane is on fire, and it’s falling out of the sky.   We can either keep the seatbelt firmly in place and the trays and seats and the upright and locked position, or grab a hold of whatever parachute bag seems like it has a chance of deploying somewhere before Terra Firma shows up.

One thing that’s absolutely certain right now….we do not have a president running this country, we have central bankers and Goldman Sachs that have a firm grasp on every single aspect of our government.   Ours is a government of the bankers, for the bankers and by the bankers. Paulson, Bernake, Geitherner.   We need to break through whatever immunity deals they have and get them on trial…….

Importantly watch this video…




  • Concerned reader says:

    Gingrich smart? Matt, you have 10x the brain power of Gingrich! Is this the same Newt Gingrich who carried a six-figure revolving charge account at Tiffany’s jewelry store?

    Ron Paul is the only candidate talking about the banks and ending the wars. Ron Paul may be rough around the edges, but the smoothies (like Obama) lack substance.

    Collapse could be the only way to fix this broken world. Out of the ashes a new phoenix will rise.

  • Cheryl says:

    Matt, why did you ignore a true Constitionalist Ron Paul? He’s clearly the only viable intelligent candidate to consider.

  • I Agree says:

    I agree with Matt. Newt Gingrich is operating at a level of tactical and strategic skill far above his opponents.

    I would love to see a three way debate between Ron Paul, Mitt Romney & Newt Gingrich. Perry is no longer an option after this debate & Herman Cain’s 999 plan is going to do nothing but make me pay more in tax’s.

    I think the worry with Ron Paul is… can he win against Obama? Simply put, if he cannot, we are basically giving Obama the golden ticket back into the White House.

    Ron Paul needs to put himself out there a little more & Mitt Romney needs to understand the situation that the 99% are in. Even if the 1% is paying for his campaign. Yeah, I know… haha

    Currently, Newt Gingrich is playing the hand he was dealt. He has done nothing besides showing us he has the right to be up there. Is that all it takes? Is this the best of the best that the Republican Party has to offer?

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