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By September 29, 20104 Comments

The national catastrophe that has been reported on this website and others for months now is now becoming BREAKING NEWS at major news sources across the country.

The calls for a moratorium because of fraud in the foreclosure processes are being ignored by judges and even the Florida Supreme Court, but the corporations that are responsible for this conduct are concerned enough about their risk that they are examining or delaying foreclosures…



  • commit11 says:

    So now we have two major lenders admitting that their employees and the fraudsters that represent them, have quite possibly and probably, (actually have as we all know) committed fraud on the Court and perjured themselves.

    Where are the criminal prosecutions? Where are the dismissals with prejudice? Where are the sanctions?

    We all know that they will just withdraw the fraudulent documents and refile new ones and it will all blow over, business as usual in the kangaroo courts.

  • commit11 says:

    If anyone is interested is seeing an example of the level of fraud that J.P. Morgan/Chase and the Florida Default Law Group, P.L. is willing to and has perpetrated, take a peek at this bogus, manufactured, assignment that they ” created” and filed in a foreclosure case as well as in the public records. Filing and recording a fraudulent document in the public records is a crime and so is fraud on the Court.!/photo.php?pid=27896&id=100000948046633&ref=fbx_album

  • Angie Yingling says:

    The various levels of fraud at JP Morgan/Chase are no surprise to me. They are in the process of foreclosing on my house after they misappropriated the money that I was paying on the mortgage and put it on another property that I do not even own. This is theft – plain and simple!! When are the Federal Authorities going to step in and begin penalizing operations like JP Morgan/Chase

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