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Citizens of Florida- Your Legislators ARE LISTENING TO YOU!

Elected officials in Washington DC may be totally out of touch and the Fat Cat Bankers in Wall Street may treat Floridians like we’re a bunch of backwoods yokels,

but I’m proud to say our leaders in Tallahassee are listening, quite intently, to what you extraordinary people have to say!

Floridians asked their legislative leaders not to turn the keys to Florida over to the Fat Cat Bankers until you had your full say and


My reports from Tallahassee are that Senators heard your voices and didn’t want to rush this industry-sponsored legislation until they hear from you first.

The Florida Senate Banking and Finance Committee will meet again on Monday, April 19, 2010 begining at 9:00 am.   The committee could consider this bill again at that point in time, but this may not be likely.

For those of you that contacted your elected leaders and asked for their support….please follow up now and thank them.   A quick phone call.   A short email.   Maybe a short note.

The contact information is here.

Most important, let them know we will be in Tallahassee on Wednesday April 21, 2010.

We will all meet on the Plaza Level of the Florida Capital beginning at 9:00 am!

See you there!


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