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Campaign Cash and Our Utterly Corrupt Political System- Starbucks and Others Withold Campaign Cash

starbucks-campaign-fundsOur country is broken….badly broken…and a big source of the break is the absolute grip the corporations and the elites have over every single element of our government.   From city counsel and especially right up to “our” president, they are owned by the corporations.

But some are pushing back….even the corporations recognize that a parasite should not kill its host.

Heads of over 100 major companies have joined Starbucks Corp. CEO Howard Schultz in a pledge to boycott political donations until Congress and the president agree on a long-term debt and deficit plan, Schultz announced in a letter Wednesday.

“Remarkably, the initiative triggered a national dialogue and a groundswell of support,” Schultz wrote, adding that in the 10 days since releasing his pledge, he “heard directly from thousands of concerned citizens and was astounded by the volume of support we received through calls, emails, social media exchanges and various other public votes of confidence.”




  • The corporations are confused as to just who the parasites are…

  • George Watson says:

    It’s not the corporations fault, the government is weak and needed help from them. Yes the corporations arn’t perfect but they are keeping America going.

  • Suzy says:

    Most Corporations – Government – Banking, are all the same thing – the same monster. ( ) They exist solely to parasite upon the rest of us, with almost nothing in real value returned. Without all these ‘taxes’ going to interest, and all this interest, and fees, and oligarchies, we could work 2 days a week to feed cloth and house ourselves more comfortably than we were 5 years ago.

    Quit paying & obeying any of them, except companies like Starbucks.

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