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Two Very Scary Things Going On In This Country




  • Attorney Wendy Alison Nora says:

    The government of the United States is foreclosing on homeowners in order to pay debt to the international banking system. The endorsement of the promissory note “in blank” was a Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac device to securitize the mortgage loans and sell them internationally. No where in any mortgage does the mortgagor give permission to the mysterious lender (by whatever name–fill in the blank) to break and enter the home to conduct an inspection of the premises whether the homeowner is deemed to be in default or otherwise. It is easy to be in default when a computer is running up unknown and uncharged costs and expenses for forced placed insurance, perpetual late fees each month after having been deemed late on the receipt of one payment, creating escrows for real estate taxes when the homeowner was not required to escrow the real estate taxes under the mortgage agreement, or because payments always previously tendered by personal check were suddenly returned with a demand for a cashier’s check or money order–the list goes on. . . I have never seen an accurate accounting for modification payments made; they seem to vanish into thin air. We are very late in waking up to the fact that the government is the servant of the bankers.
    There is an old saying: “When a poor man steals from a rich man, it is a crime. When a rich man steals from a poor man, it is a civil matter.” The question in the foreclosure crisis is whether the courts will allow the civil matters to be heard.

    • The Courts will not pay much attention to a homeowner, the Judges have been bought and are utterly corrupt. Audit the finances of all judges (not just those on the foreclosure bench), and you may be shocked. But the judges will continue to preside. Solution – Replace all judges with 3 man juries, with right to consult selected lawyers, and cases will be heard, and due process restored. The majority of courts in the USA are utterly corrupt.

  • scared says:

    Even scarier-
    Captive Labor Is The New Corporate Exploited Resource

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