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Business Law Group and LM Funding- The Appeal Over Litigation Privilege in Association Foreclosures

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The Business Law Group and LM Funding Litigation that is pending in courts all across this state really is astonishing. It’s amazing to see such conflicting litigation that puts homeowner’s associations and communities at real risk continue.

The pleadings in this case are direct and quite compelling…but pay particular attention to the affidavit filed by the homeowner’s association, page 282 of the blg Appendix:

The statements made by Business Law Group regarding its continued representation of the Association are contrary to all statements and records made to or received by the association.

Wow…do you understand what this statement means? Do you comprehend the true meaning behind this sentence?  Keep in mind that in this litigation…BLG were the attorneys for the homeowner’s association, Glendale Villas Homeowners Association, but now, with this affidavit…and long, long ago in the litigation….BLG is disavowed.  The affidavit was filed in 2014…and the litigation lives on.

blgInitial Brief On Merits

blgAnswer Brief On Merits-1

blgAppendix to Initial Brief

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