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First reported by 4closurefraud, I post below a stunning and mind-blowing class action lawsuit that was just filed against the Law Offices of David J. Stern, David J. Stern individually and MERSCorp. The lawsuit is stunning both in the allegations made and the detail that describes the collapse of the entire American financial markets and widespread the destruction of property rights across this country.

More will be detailed about this lawsuit in months to come.     For now, I encourage everyone to read this lawsuit carefully and share this lawsuit with judges, reporters and policy makers.   The lawsuit articulates many of the suspicions and the greatest fears held by many but who are unable to put those fears into words.   I give real credit to the courageous attorney who took on this effort and encourage all those who are in the fight to protect and defend our courts to support this effort.




  • Christopher Forrest says:

    I’m glad someone has finally filed a class action like this. I hope that the conspiracy-theory-type language used in the complaint does not detract from the legitimacy of many of the allegations.

  • Blue Floridian says:

    It is possible the same suit could be brought against Florida Default Law Group or the Law Offices of Marshall C. Watson or any of the other mills. The suit is a good summary of all the ills in the typical proceeding.

  • PJ says:

    Stern has and will hang himself by his own petard. His own words and statements will do him in. But can someone please identify this “fantom” unnamed bank “client” that is referenced.. that would tell a whole lot here. It seems odd that the ‘investor’s” would invest without the Main “Client” being exposed.

    Also someone should forward the public offering to the POTUS, highlighting Stern’s statements regarding the current administrations futility and ineptness to address the foreclosure crisis… say’s quite a bit about what is really going on, since apparently Stern and his cohorts were on the “inside” tract! Hummmm!

  • DSchiar says:

    The conspiracy-theory-type language will have no impact in Federal court. Better to explain the details to the max so you leave nothing unturned.I am a Layman. I was sued by Cablevision a very large company. They claimed 26 defendants stole cable TV on the premise that they purchased descamblers in California. I being a defendant decided I would take them on. I researched FCC Laws, as well a Federal laws on the use of credit card information Seized by the FBI. The complaint was 1″ thick. They sued bt for $260,000 I counter sued for $10,000 used the conspiracy theory against them and guess what they let me out of the case in Federal Court in White Plains NY. They couldn’t prove a thing. They lawyer asked me how I found all of the laws, his head was spinning(big Jewish Law firm on Long Island NY) Use everything you can use against these bums.

  • speakout says:

    Another scam that has been perpetrated upon the people is the FICO credit scoring system.
    About the same time as MERS appeared on the scene to “score” our credit. The guy that created the software sold it to all the banks, so the wall street guys could easily determine the pooling of the mortgage backed securities.
    As an ex-mortgage broker (27 years in business) the lenders in the old days never used to score. If you had a couple of late payments they would just ask you to write a letter. The ex-CEO of TRW( now transunion) with the blessings of Fannie & Freddie created the system. The system has no rhyme or reason as to how to determine whether someone will pay their bills in the future or not. They have given all of us a number for our credit which can change from month to month. When they first implemented it, it was very confusing and people that had good credit ended up with not so great scores. First they said 620 was a good score, then a year or so later it had to be 680, then it had to be 700, then 720, etc.
    The reason for this is so they had an excuse to charge people a higher rate (lower scores paid higher rates). I think it is another big scam by the wall street banksters and friends to siphon more money out of us. EVERYONE should be able to get the same rate on a mortgage. If you’ve gone through a tough time, lost your job, medical, etc, you shouldn’t be “punished” and charged more money. The rates should be adjusted according to how much you put down or your equity position. This was just another way for the fat cats to satisfy their greed, take advantage of people that have had a tough time, and steal our homes when the high rates ballooned.

    The entire banking system is corrupt from the beginning. They have been stealing the wealth of the nation since 1913. We need an overhaul, before we all end up as slaves.

  • I think we are some of the people who he has screwed and I want to join. My house in florida was forclosed upon with false papers.

  • this site will try to encourage everyone to read this lawsuit carefully and share this lawsuit with judges, reporters and policy makers……

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