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forgery-mortgagesHold onto something folks, an indictment by an Attorney General is a very big deal.   Now of course this indictment of a major player in fraudclosure and a major campaign contributor to Florida’s Attoney General is a really, really big deal.

Things are gonna get real testy at the attorney general parties with one ag all saddled up with the bad boys on one side of the room while the other attorney generals (those darn goody goody types) on the other side of the room pointing fingers at the guys they’ve indicted.

The really bizarre thing is these indictments are coming right at the same time the AG’s are supposed to be signing off on the terms of their sellout/blackmail/bribery with the banks.   So how in the world can any of them be talking settlement at all while at the same time they’re busy dropping 136 count indictments?

From The New York Times:

Chris Koster, the Missouri attorney general, will prosecute the case. ” The grand jury indictment alleges that mass-produced fraudulent signatures on notarized real estate documents constitutes forgery,” Mr. Koster said in a statement. ” Today’s indictment reflects our firm conviction that when you sign your name to a legal document, it matters.”

A sampling of the charges:

Defendant, acting knowingly in
concert with its employees, with the purpose to defraud, used as genuine or transferred
with the knowledge or belief that it would be used as genuine, a writing, namely Deed

acting knowingly in concert with its employees, with the purpose to mislead the Boone
County Recorder of Deeds, a public servant in the performance of her duty, submitted
or invited reliance on a writing, namely Deed of Release number 2009010022, which
Defendant knew to be lacking in authenticity, and which stated a fact material to the
purposes for which the writing was offered.




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