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Bloggers Fueled The Revolution in Egypt- You’re Fueling Revolution Here: March 9th, Tallahassee


The revolution in Egypt was successful largely because of bloggers and the internet.   Past protests and uprisings fizzled or were crushed, but the social media networks were able to keep this one alive. New York Times

As I sit here today, it’s amazing to think just how far we’ve come in one short year as we fight to preserve the basic rights of Floridians.   It was less than one year ago when consumer groups, attorneys and advocates merged in Tallahassee for a good old fashioned citizens revival.

We’re not nearly done yet….so much wrong continues to occur.   We’re not exactly sure what our rallying cry will be this year, but we will all meet on the steps of Florida’s Capital…..right in the shadow of Florida’s Supreme Court on March 9th!

It just so happens that this is the very same day Florida’s bankers will be marching the halls, no doubt lobbying for an easier way to take your home and throw you into the street….we cannot let their voices go unchallenged.

Tell all your friends, and make your plans now!

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