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Bernake to Congress: If you Audit Us, We Will Crash The Economy!


Over the last three years, the Federal Reserve has sent trillions of dollars all around the planet. Trillions abroad, Trillions to China, Trillions out into outer space.

We mere mortals have no idea where trillions of dollars in US currency is going or has gone because THE FED HAS NEVER BEEN AUDITED.

This isn’t tin foil hat stuff people.   Watch the videos, and listen to the responses straight out of Ben Bernake’s mouth for yourself.

Mr. Bernake, can you tell the American people where trillions of dollars went? NO. I DON’T HAVE TO.


Of all the crazy stuff out there, all the complex and complicated and confusing stuff and things that are in dispute, these facts are not in dispute:

The Federal Reserve and your federal government have sent trillions of dollars flying around into space.

And every day the do not explain why or where, we get spat in the face.

And every single day in my office I touch and feel and live and breathe the direct result of an economic, fiscal, legal and world system that is Alice and Wonderland out of control. Who owns the loan? Who cares. Please give me a modification? Who Cares. I’d like to buy this short sale? Who cares. Look, the banksters just looted hundreds of billions of dollars! Who cares.

A few judges have cared along the way, God Bless the good Judge William Blackmon in Georgia and the good Judge Walt Logan who many, many years ago looked at all this phantom shadowy insanity and said, “This ain’t gonna end well”. (Azize Opinion)

Now I do believe the truth of the matter is when we finally do discovery exactly what the truth of the matter is, all hell is going to break loose and the deep dark Apocalypse I fear will come to pass.   Just watch the video below and think it through slowly.






  • joe parisi says:

    Where are our returns from bailing out the banks, who by the way, are siting on billions in idle cash- no jobs, foreclosures, people starving these holidays???? Someone has to account!!!!

    And the economy is getting worse, just look around.

  • JOHN CHAGNON says:

    Our congressional FL members must investigate BOA & Countrywide. BOA gave CFS,CEO, Mr. Mazilo, 3 months after sale agreement of Countrywide, $120 million dollars. That is outright bribe. Money needs to be returned a set into Fed. Reserve for any borrower who was deceived, theft or fraud by CFS, from Jan. 2005 to Jan. 2010. Class action may be the best with Pro Bono lawyers or FL non-profit law group. Matt, will you send me an E-mail reply and dont be silent like BOA & CFS.

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