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notary-indictment-nevadaThis really is extraordinary. An Attorney General brings a HUGE indictment against two individuals…but here’s why it is so earth-shattering… carefully the crimes that are alleged….then understand that these same acts were probably performed all across this country hundreds of thousands of times.

The conundrum created by an announcement such as this is once it’s done once by one Attorney General, what are all the other Attorney’s General and enforcement agencies to do?   Shall they just ignore what their counterpart is alleging? Are they able to just sit on the sidelines and ignore the serious allegations of systemic violations knowing full well that it was/is happening in their states as well?

And what about states like North Carolina and Massachusetts where elected public officials like Jeff Thigpen and John O’Brien have been screaming bloody hell for years, demanding that something be done?

The implications here are mind-blowing…read the indictment carefully and just extrapolate out, all across the country……








  • Mary says:

    My word! 440 pages and 606 counts. I can’t imagine typing all that in. Good on Nev Atty General!

  • Attorney Wendy Alison Nora says:

    Two named individuals in 606 counts multiplied by so-far countless individuals in countless counts across the nation. God bless Catherine Cortez Mastro and her outstanding office.

  • Attorney Wendy Alison Nora says:

    OOPS! Why is this indictment undated and unsigned?

  • Blue Floridian says:

    I think this is great news. Not only does it bring up the connection between Bondi and LPS (Nevada’s AG indicts LPS while Florida’s take campaign contributions from LPS) but hopefully this will be the beginning of exposing the criminal enterprise that is the foreclosure system.

  • Triumphant says:

    While the Nevada AG has HER staff investigate these alleged foreclosure-related frauds, empanel a grand jury and obtain massive indictments against individuals… what was happening in the great state of Florida?

    Let’s see, the Florida AG’s staff investigates THE VERY SAME ACTS, produces a nationally-recognized compendium / presentation of the SAME alleged offenses having been committed over and over again in the state of Florida, and then what happens? Are subpoenas issued? No… Is a grand jury empaneled? No… Wait for it… OF COURSE! The PUBLIC INTEREST in Florida is, in fact, best served by having the same AG staff attorneys purged from office because Florida’s new AG was apparently losing sleep over what she perceived as her staff’s efforts to destroy her own career.

    Does Florida have a vote recall mechanism for elected state officials like the AG? If so, maybe it is time for her to run for office again, this time off-cycle.

  • Triumphant says:

    Oh, and check out the Glarum v LaSalle Bank “new and improved” (bank-friendly) order out of the 4th DCA:

    This seems to be SOP for the bankers’ lawyers at the various DCA’s: no rehearings granted or even required for that matter – simply provide to the court a few important words here, a precedent-limiting footnote or two there for insertion, and then you have it: a new order that, instead of an order that cautions the robo-acceptance by judges of hearsay computer printouts, provides the “banks” (or “certificates”) with a road map for more efficient foreclosures.

  • J.S. Culver says:

    Matt, I love ya! Keep fighting the good fight, and may God Bless!

  • Jane says:

    Incredibly good news Matt!!! I bet you have dreamt about something like this for years. I cannot wait to see all the repercussions from this. I wrote a thank you to AG Masto for bringing the indictment. This surely will put a wrench in the works for the nationwide AG foreclosure settlement – one can only hope.

    I hope Bondi is having sleepless nights over this one. Those revolving door deals with LPS aren’t looking like such a great deal for those involved now, is it? And Clarkson and Edwards should feel some vindication now.

  • Concerned reader says:

    Nice work. It’s about time. Thanks for this post.

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