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Barofsky on The Bailouts- Americans Were Destroyed, The Banks Thrived


  • neidermeyer says:

    The regulator revolving door has got to be nailed shut … and we have too many regulations ,, they need to be both simpler and wider in scope with their own court system similar to the IRS so regulators , when they spot an infraction , can act decisively and quickly… no weasel wording , no escape hatches , simple clear language… burn 95% of the verbiage… If I were king I would appoint a group within every regulatory agency charged with simplification and clarity and give them strict performance goals on cutting the regs down to size.

  • chitown2020 says:

    The banks are thriving because they were never broke in the first place. They hid all of their ill gotten gains QUINTILLIONS……they made from committing fraud with our wealth and signatures overseas. They are being bailed out to this day by the POLITICIANS via commie FED monetary policy and fraudclosures……THEY HAVE HIJACKED THE AMERICAN PEOPLES MONEY….OUR REMAINING WEALTH HAS BEEN HIJACKED AND IS BEING STOLEN CONTINUOUSLY BY THESE CROOKS…..They socialized their massive debts, $1.2 quadrillion in credit derivatives fraud onto WE THE PEOPLE. The banksters are the biggest deadbeat debtors on the planet. They are a giant fraud. The banksters, the politicians, their minions and cohorts are complete commie scum. Non disclosure is deception. We never attested to the verity of those signatures because the BANKS NEVER CONSPICUOUSLY DISCLOSED IMPORTANT ASPECTS OF ANY SO CALLED LOANS. THAT DECEPTION CAN BE PROVEN TO BE INTENTIONAL….THAT IS CRIMINAL AND OBVIOUSLY INTENDED TO DO PERMANENT HARM TO ALL OF US.

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