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Why Are Amerikans Not Rioting In The Streets- The LIBOR Scandal As Foreclosure Defense!

We have been warning judges for years now that the fraud a declining few   are content to ignore in foreclosure courtrooms is just the tip of the iceberg.   It took some time for most of them to believe or comprehend the magnitude of what we were saying, but the vast majority that I see now really get it.
The LIBOR scandal should draw a very fine circle around all the abuse..and the damage to you and I in foreclosure ….and frankly every single one of us since LIBOR impacts what we pay for everything from flushing the toilet to our car payment….could not be more clear.
Any note tied to a LIBOR should be challenged based on fraud. No foreclosure with a LIBOR loan should be allowed to continue.
We’re working out the counter claims and defensive pleading right now….and when it hits we’ll hit it strong and hard……stay tuned.


  • Attorney Wendy Alison Nora says:

    I have been interested in LIBOR manipulation since the LIBOR-pegged ARMs of from 2004 to 2007 were massively adjusted upward. I look forward to seeing your pleadings using LIBOR manipulation as a defense. How will the foreclosing entity be tied to the LIBOR manipulation? Deutsche Bank, UBS, RBS, Chase and Bank of America, among others are on the US Dollar LIBOR panel.

  • J.R. Homeowner says:

    You know, I always thought it odd that my ARM was tied to the LIBOR.
    I mean, WHY the LIBOR when we have so many other means of determining interest rates??
    It makes you wonder if those rat bastards weren’t also somehow running a scam selling or trading the actual paper and ink with which the bogus loans were executed!

    • Attorney Wendy Alison Nora says:

      I believe that the actual wet ink notes are being traded in international commerce as a faux currency. No one in the states in which I practice is getting their wet ink notes back upon foreclosure or bankruptcy discharge. I have a racketeering pleading pending in a Wisconsin circuit court in which a plainly forged year 2004 note, printed on bright white paper (not appropriately aged) and bearing a strange color of blue ink for the borrower’s signature (in Wisconsin blue ink was never used in real estate closings because the Registers of Deeds did not accept documents with blue ink for scanning purposes) and we have alleged, upon information and belief, that the original note may be being traded as faux currency in the international banking system. (My homeowner client is a banker.) Two other clients have found their NOTES being traded on the Irish stock exchange.

  • chitown2020 says:

    Every fraudulently induced loan has an interest rate so wouldn’t ever fraudulently induced loan be linked to Liebor…? Libor is right out of Crowleys book of the law….LIEBOR…”Do what thou wilt” if you are a member of that evil cult.
    Most Americans fail to realize this crisis was manufactured to rob US and control US…This was never about the money with these creepy commie control freaks. Money was the perverse incentive to commit the biggest swindle and heist of our wealth, freedom and property in history. The truth is ……..this is a war on ALL of US ..Our freedom is beng stolen and that robbery is being perversely incentivized by the owners of the World Bank. This war on our freedom began on 9/11. This is not a plan to make Obama fail. This is a commie plan to make US fail.

  • chitown2020 says:

    Everyone should Google and read “INTRODUCTION TO MEMORANDUM OF LAW” The Life -cycle of a “Loan” October 2010…..and all associated links including the Affidavit by Walker F. Todd who for 20 years, who worked as an attorney and legal officer for the legal departments of the Federal Reserve Banks of New York and Cleveland. It is the honest to God truth about the banking scam from an Insider.
    Bottom line is ….there are no legal or monetary fixes for this massive bankster fraud. It is insolvent. The banks must be sued out of existence …SATISFACTION OF MORTGAGE TO ALL…ALL ORIGINAL BLUE INK NOTES AND MORTGAGES RETURNED TO US….THE RIGHTFUL OWNERS….Otherwise it will be complete Communism……..TOTALITARIANISM. NO FASCIST FIXES FOR MASSIVE BANKSTER FRAUD…..MAKE THE CRIMINALS PAY……! WE DEMAND COMPLETE RESTITUTION AND ACCOUNTING FOR ALL OF OUR TAX MONEY……OR WITHOLD IT.

  • chitown2020 says:

    Bloomberg airing Geithner being questioned by members of CONgress this morning about the LIBOR scandal. CNBC is not airing this BTW…Geithner claiming he has morals and all decisions made were out of his hands. My take, he has no morals, thats why he was put there to carry out the orders from his bosses. Geithner certainly shows no fear or nervousness about such a serious crime as this. His job was obviously to mask the color of the U.S. DOLLAR.

  • chitown2020 says:

    Lying CONgressman saying the banks have not been lending MONEY….Truth is…..the banks never did lend MONEY….THEY LEND CREDIT….IT IS CRIMINAL FRAUD TO MISREPRESENT THIS FACT…..Geithner said he couldn’t comment on that. It is easy to see the POLITICIANS ARE THE LIARS IN THIS . If that CONgressman really believes the banks lend us money he needs to get an education. If he knows the truth he should be arrested and thrown in prison.

  • Whip says:

    The DOJ/Treasury/Comptroller of Currency should immediately FREEZE ALL FORECLOSURES until damages to ALL Mortgage Holder can be determined!
    LIBOR manipulation effects everything in a promissory note thats tied to LIBOR! From Interest Rates on ARMS or Balloons, and their collective Margins or Floor. It also effects the Underwriting Risk associated with calculating loan cost or the Initial note rate.
    Just one more Fraud to add to the LIST!
    OFcourse, now you have to get a incompetent judge to Understand what LIBOR is. ” now sir, you say this LIBOR thing-a-ma-jiggy ” was Fraudulently conceived?? Well, did you pay your Mtg or NOT?? “

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