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Banks Breaking Into Homes- IT IS A CRIME!

One of the many areas of concern I have about the foreclosure processes currently being implemented by banks across the country is the issue of “property preservation” or “property inspection” or FORECLOSURE COCKROACHES as I have come to call them.   The problem is, lenders across the county are violating the fundamental rights of homeowners by kicking down their doors, breaking into property, harassing and trampling over the most basic rights of homeowners, all under the false auspices of “property preservation”.


Unfortunately, far too often, homeowners and even law enforcement fail to see this for what it is….IT IS A CRIME.   Homeowners do not contact law enforcement and law enforcement (whose budgets are already stretched thin) even when they are informed of such crimes fail to investigate them and fail to charge them when they are advised that such crimes have been committed.   As with all crimes, there are varying degrees of the seriousness of the crimes committed.   In some cases, the Foreclosure Cockroaches kick down the doors, change the locks, remove property and effectively eject or evict the homeowner without any due process of law.   In other cases, the bank’s representatives “merely” harass the homeowner, but in doing so, they violate a variety of state and federal laws such as Fair Debt Collection Practices, Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices and others.   Bankruptcy courts are increasingly taking action against such activities.   Practitioners and advocates are encouraged to continue to report such activities both to me, to law enforcement and to courts when they encounter such crimes being committed.   Below is an excerpt of a report forwarded to me by a consumer who has been a victim of ongoing harassment by his bank…read carefully how pervasive and threatening the harassment is.   Look at the photographs of the Foreclosure Cockroach as he taunts and antagonizes this homeowner…..remember folks this FORECLOSURE COCKROACH is violating this homeowner’s rights (looks like he’s violated Federal Mail Law by placing his notice in the mailbox~this should be pursued…contact postal inspectors and advise this is happening)   Anyway, read on…..

” The cockroach said that he would be back ” a coupe of times a month”. I WILL get photographs of him, his vehicle and his license plate if he returns. I WILL forceably eject him from my property if he attempts to come on it again. My wife and I are now afraid to leave our home for any length of time after learning of these stories of locks being changed, or this CRIMINAL possibly breaking and entering our home!

This is HARRASSMENT by the bank, pure and simple!”

I’m a man of my word.

He came back. I confronted him and told him no less than 4 TIMES that he was trespassing and to LEAVE IMMEDIATELY.

He got confrontational with me and said; ” I’M PROTECTED BY LAW! I’ll come on this property anytime I want.”

My wife called 911, while I went into the house to grab my Nikon.

When I got back outside he was in his car. My neighbors across the street, (God Bless good WITNESSES), were yelling ” He put something in your mailbox!”

I have photos of his car, him and his license plate.

I have a case number with the Pasco County Florida Sherriff’s Department

911 has a recording of my call while he was here.

I have 3 witnesses (neighbors), who say they heard me telling the cockroach to get off my property and report they heard him get confrontational with me.

Cockroach License Plate:

Cockroach then tries to hide his face from my camera, with *his* camera:


  • Ben says:

    I am facing a similar situation in Michigan in which my mortgage lender contracted out a firm to “secure” my home while I was preparing for a military deployment. When my family returned home after a few months with me my house had been ransacked, the locks changed, and thousands in property damage had been done. Unfortunatly, I have made little head way with recovery efforts and my lender is adamant about “securing” the property again if my family were to leave the property for any length of time. Essentially they are prisoners in their own home.

    I cannot stand for this, but i am unclear of where to go for help. Any guidance in this situation would be amazing. I see I am not alone in my struggles.

    Thank you.

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