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Bank of America- “Helping” Americans “Understand” Their “Rights” in Foreclosure

foreclosureYou really gotta hand it to our friends at Bank of America.   They’ve drafted up a downright sexy nifty little magazine the explains to all of America just how easy it is to solve your family’s foreclosure problem…all you gotta do is pull up a chair with your friendly bankster and they’ll work everything out.

Like so much of the other propaganda produced by the industry, like the Florida Fair Foreclosure Act of 2012, this little beaut of a piece of the unlicensed practice of law ignores some of the most important legal aspects of foreclosure.   But hey, they’re the banks right, I mean they can do and get away with whatever they want…right?

Check out the section on Deed in Lieu.   It’s just a teensy bit vague on the real important issue about the Deed in Lieu, i.e., “If I give you the deed in lieu, are you going to pursue me for a deficiency judgment?”

And curiously, throughout the entire document, the helpful folks at Bank of America fail to give the one piece of advice that any reasonable person should recognize when dealing with things of a say, legal nature. You know, the one thing you should do when confronted with a legal question.   I’ll give you a hint.   Let’s play a game.   If you are feeling sick, you should go see a……(doctor).   And if your car won’t start, you should go see a…….(mechanic).   When you are facing a legal problem you should….(call Bank of America at 877.447.3994)

Wait a minute, that’s not the answer to that question.   You all know that maybe, just maybe consulting a lawyer when confronted with a legal question is the right answer…..right?   I mean, I’m a really trusting person (not really, this whole economic collapse thing has sort of shaken my trust in everyone and everything.) and even though I’m generally really, really trusting I’m just not feeling really trusty towards banks and anyone in the financial services industry. (or in government, or from any corporate interest)   In fact, my whole sphere of trust has kinda been whittled down to a few close allies, and my dog. (And lately I’ve starting to really look closely at my dog and all his advice, but that’s a whole other story.)

Just Google, “Bank of America, Customer Home Transition Guide” to find this document….she’s a real beauty, a thing to read……

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  • Donna Cochran says:

    Biggest Mess we have ever been tricked into. We need a reference for legal advice in our area.(Norcross, Ga 30092) This Transition Team is clueless each and every time I attempt to follow up on their insane requests. They simply transfer your call from one department to another, which many times they disconnect you. Help!

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