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Leaked CONFIDENTIAL Documents Show Fannie Mae Lying to Congress and the Public

Fannie Mae is not a monster corporate giant that must slavishly pursue its own corporate interests on behalf of shareholders.   Neither is it a warm and fuzzy government agency who exists to serve the public.   Instead, Fannie is a strange amalgam of both…a two headed, two faced beast that is turning upon itself and its host organism (the American People) in order to pursue the goals of its unseen hand, the corporate balance sheets (both its own and those of the bank servicers).

It’s just a mess beyond all comprehension.   At some point in time, we’re all going to have to realize that this entire system is just a broken down mess and no amount of duct tape or superglue is going to keep this rattling jalopy flying up in the air.   We are just sort of hanging up in the air right now, but barely….eventually, the laws of physics will be enforced.

And now for the story:

Preventing foreclosures is a top priority for Fannie Mae,” Terence Edwards, an executive vice president, told the panel. “Foreclosures hurt families and destabilize communities.”

But confidential documents obtained by the Free Press show that Fannie Mae has pushed an agenda at odds with those public assurances.

The documents obtained by the Free Press indicate, for the first time, that Fannie wasn’t simply indifferent to helping homeowners, but launched a concerted effort to force seriously delinquentBanks-to-foreclose borrowers from their homes.




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