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Attorney Signatutes- The Next Fraud Battle Ground

By September 27, 20104 Comments

The Florida Rules of Civil Procedures require that all pleadings filed in a case be signed by a licensed Florida attorney.   I have started to examine files and am becoming increasingly suspicious that this important rule is not being followed by the foreclosure mills.

I am therefore starting to examine all my pleadings closely and I encourage each of you to do the same.   Ultimately I would like to build a database of these signatures to compare, so for those of you out there that are spending time looking at court filings, please start examining the signatures and making a cut and past document similar to the one I attach below.

My first example of gross irregularities in the signature of an attorney who makes filings in a court case comes from Ohio.   The document was prepared by a reader of this blog and it comes from an Ohio foreclosure mill attorney.   Please look at the sheet. There really is no commentary necessary regarding whether these were signed by the same person….

Given what we know about the foreclosure mills and their operations (particularly the offshore components of their practice) I cannot imagine that they are following this rule. (I mean the violate every other rule)



  • Distressed Gator says:

    Wow… how deep does the rabbit hole go…I checked attorney Marisol Morales’s signature from Greenspoon Marder, P.A. in Ft Lauderdale, no big surprise… it did not match,.. they are consistent though, assignment recoded after Lis Pendens filed, Linda Green signature on DOCX assignment, legal description incorrect… etc etc etc…. I was not able to get the signature link to work, but will email you a copy if/when I am able to.

  • Stupendous Man says:


    My antiquated equipment and software cannot deal with Docx files. Could you please provide a pdf or word version of the same file?

  • JamesM2 says:

    You who cannot import Docx, tale to me, a computer tech.

    First Solution to try, “Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word” adds the ability to import Docx files into older versions of MS Word.

  • How deep is this rabbit hole? This fraud seems like a never ending black hole.

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