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Florida’s Kangaroo Courts-The Nation is Watching

By September 27, 20103 Comments

kangaroo-foreclosure-courtsAttorneys and activists have been screaming for months now about the gross abuses that are occurring in foreclosure courtrooms all across this state.   The keys to our courtrooms have been turned over to corrupt banks and their attorneys (many of whom are under investigation by the state Attorney General.)   In spite of this, it is absolutely mind blowing that our courts continue along with business as usual. Now that the national press is aware of this, the spotlight is really shining on our courts.   The real question is whether press will keep the heat up long enough for the courts to respond. (I used to say the real question was whether the courts and judges would respond, but I’ve given up on that now.)

Please read the Naked Capitalism Article Here.

We are going to start hearing real horror stories of the abuses once the foreclosure sales from all the wrongly granted summary judgments start occurring and sheriffs start showing up to throw people out of homes after they have worked deals out with their lenders….stay tuned…..


  • MR says:

    We need to protest and picket the front of the Courthouse every day ..

  • edgetraderplus says:

    Wednesday 29 September 2010

    It is unconstitutional, plain and simple. Every state has a constitution that provides certain guarantees. Now, I understand few people are aware of the contents of their state constitution, and for that reason alone, people get what they deserve. It takes too much effort to know what one’s rights are, so they get waived every day. Cost of ignorance? In these instances, one’s home. Was it worth being ignorant?!

    Why not alert some hungry attorney to get copies of all of the cases rubber-stamped each day, and send each homeowner a note telling them their due process rights have been trampled upon, and they are entitled to demand either a rehearing or an immediate appeal for what the judge(s) has done. that would get him a ton of business.

    For the appeal, I would also submit a certified copy of the judge’s oath of office, the one that requires as the very first step in accepting the office is to take an oath to support the Constitutions of the the US and the State of Florida. Won’t that make the judge look stupid?

    The appeal may have to bypass the appellate and go directly to the Florida supreme court, it being the only court that can hear constitutional issues. In Illinois, if one raised a constitutional issue at the appeallate level, which cannot hear constitutional issues, it is deemed waived and cannot then be heard at the state supreme court level. So all such issues must go directly to the state supreme court.

    The way to succeed against the system is to take it on, directly and using its own rules of engagement, especially the rules they fail to follow. Fighting back is the only way to make inroads. Otherwise, with no one contesting, what is to stop any judge from denying the most basic of rights for anyone?

  • alrady says:

    Agree with MR although I think it would be more effective to picket the lawmakers…. Our judge didn’t care about GMAC wrongdoings (in AZ) and that 5 states were stopping and/or investingating GMAC in addition to the original 23 states. He also didn’t care that the assignment of trustee came 3 months after foreclosure proceeedings began. SHEESH

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