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Attorney Generals From Across the Country Are Being Blackmailed…HELP THEM…

From Abigail Field:

The criminal securities fraud at the heart of the financial crisis has one very under-reported aspect: ” securitization fail.” Once you understand the securitization fail concept, you can instantly, with tremendous clarity, see the scale of the fraud the Bailed Out Banks and Wall Street firms committed and commit every day. Get securitization fail, and the bankers’ crimes stand out like a vast herd of bison on the  South Dakota  prairie, a herd much bigger than this one.

Perhaps the most critical insight that flows from understanding securitization fail, however, is that the crimes will continue so long as we are processing foreclosures. When you understand securitization fail, you understand the scale of liability the Bailed Out Bankers created for themselves, and why foreclosure fraud is their preferred escape route. In fact, you’ll understand why the banks will continue to commit foreclosure fraud regardless of signing the settlement with law enforcers.  Get securitization fail and you understand that a thorough investigation could straightforwardly document it, and create so much leverage for law enforcement that it could essentially dictate terms of settlement.


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  • pam says:

    Thanks, Matt,

    I will “take action” in the ways Ms. Field has recommended. Thanks for keeping us all posted on what is happening and how to act on it.

    Also,wonder if you have any ideas about how to help a disabled father get legal help with an appeal in an obvious fraudulent foreclosure. It’s not me, just someone I read about. He and his children are to be kicked out of their home in two weeks.

    thanks for all you do.

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