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Turning Humans Into Cattle One Head At A Time….And The Florida Retirement System Is Broke…

prison-privitizationWe all need to pay careful attention to what is happening with Florida’s Prisons.   I know, you think, “I’m not going so who cares”. Well, prisons, like the First Amendment and other basic aspects of our society are something that every single one of us needs to be concerned with.

Remember the RepubliCONS in control of this state have been pulling every trick in the book to try and turn our prisons over to private corporations….during last year’s legislative session, the leadership pulled a fast one on their own members and tried to sneak it through…and they started with the same tricks again this year…can you just imagine the millions of dollars in corrupt cash that is at state at the heart of this battle?   How many wives and kids and relatives will get consulting contracts if this deal gets pushed through?

But fortunately there are a few principled people left in Tallahassee that remembered they took an oath and who recognize some of the bedrock principles that govern this nation….

“I’m not a big government guy, but there’s some things we ought to do and taking custody and control of the people we imprison is one of them,” he said. “We investigate the cases. We arrest them and take away their freedom. We prosecute them and sentence them and now we’re going to turn them over to a private company to save money. I don’t believe in that.

The most curious thing about this entire discussion is the apparent disclosure that the Florida Retirement System is broke or underfunded. But wait, ain’t this the same system that reported a 22% return last year?   Oh right, the same system that tried to charge Senator Fasano $11,000 to respond to his public records request….the same system that holds the retirement checks for generations of Floridians…many grounded in the same faulty, forged, fraudulent foreclosures that pollute our entire country. (More Here)



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