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Foreclosure Defense Florida


Sorry folks, once again it’s not Florida’s Attorney General Pam Bondi. She seems content to just totally ignore Fraudclosuregate…why the citizens of the State of Florida have not heard one peep on this issue…except after the two chief attorneys June Clarkson and Theresa Edwards were (ahem) “let go” but Bondi assured the citizens of the State of Florida that her office was hard at investigating…(crickets chirping).

Well New York’s Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has made it clear that he will fight for justice and now California’s Attorney General Kamala Harris has likewise stepped up and made it clear she’s going to work for justice and for the voters of her state and not just roll over for the banks and Wall Street Wizards…..See the New York Times Story:

A decision on Friday by a California official to withdraw from negotiations with large banks over their mortgage practices threatens to derail a broad settlement that the Justice Department has been brokering for nearly a year.   The proposal being sought by the big banks ” is not the deal California homeowners have been waiting for,” wrote Kamala D. Harris, the state attorney general, in a letter to those leading the talks. It is ” inadequate,” she wrote. New York Times

So exactly how does this work?   Two of the three most populous states have Attorney Generals who recognize the banksters might just, oh I don’t know, have engaged in wrong doing and committed crimes and they’re not willing to just let them walk away scott free.

But then here we are in Florida where our Attorney General thinks there might be something called a “moral hazard” if we try to hold any of these wrongdoers accountable.   I’m confused, I always thought that Attorney’s General fought to uphold laws….oh yeah, and that Republicans were all about right and wrong and law and order…

But then the leadership in this state cannot exactly claim the high road when it comes to ethics, morality and integrity.

The battle lines are being drawn real clearly…and it’s apparent that Florida’s leaders are not on the side of the voters and the taxpayers….the corporate campaign contributions are undoubtedly too hard to resist.