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California AG Kamala Harris, Pam Bondi, David Stern and Occupy Wall Street

This nation is collapsing under the weight of a flawed, fraudulent and criminal economic and political system. The epicenter is indeed Wall Street, that den of sin and inequity where the wealth and wages of an entire nation are sucked in and concentrated then swirled around before it all goes disappearing down some drain and flushed into a world unknown.

We don’t know where the money goes or why because the traders and the bankers and the hedge fund managers and executives consistently used a portion of their ill-earned gains to pay off the elected and appointed “leaders” and convince them either not to inquire where the money was going or to accept absurd and/or complex explanations that defy our understanding.   Geithner, Paulson, Bernake, Johnson, Bush, Bush, Clinton and every elected member of Congress and every elected official who sits in any seat in this country.   They are all responsible.   At some point in time perhaps some of them understood where this was going and what they were doing.   Hank Paulson spent his entire career at Goldman Sachs and Geithner was born, bred and baptized by the banks…no surprise that their worldview is entirely focused on supporting these institutions.

And what’s going on closer to home, down where all this trouble manifests itself in our daily lives?   More unemployment, extraordinary inflation, a further collapsing economy and all of this laid on top of a seething anger and discontent that is bubbling all across this country.   It is beyond dispute now that extraordinary abuses of our financial, economic and legal system were occurring all across this state….we see some people taking to the streets in New York.   But Florida?   It’s been years now since the public first learned of all the investigations.   And what has come of those investigations?   Nothing.   They all still walk free….it’s time to wake up.

A former colleague, friend and top manager of fallen foreclosure titan David J. Stern complains in a new deposition that she was laid off via email, lied to about her position in the law firm and ignored when she voiced concerns about the feverish pace at which foreclosures were processed.

Cheryl Samons, the former second-in-command of Stern’s Plantation-based firm, was deposed in April in relation to a class-action lawsuit filed by former Stern employees. The suit alleges workers were terminated last fall without the 60 days notice required by federal law .

A Miami federal judge approved class-action status for the case Monday.

The deposition, which was posted on a foreclosure defense attorney’s blog Thursday, offers some insight into how the firm grew to become the largest so-called “foreclosure mill” in the state before falling apart amid allegations of robo-signing and the announcement of the Florida attorney general’s investigation. Palm Beach Post

California Attorney General Kamala D. Harris pulled out of settlement negotiations with the nation’s biggest banks over alleged foreclosure abuses, calling the proposed deal “inadequate for California homeowners.”

The decision by Ms. Harris delivers a serious blow to efforts by the Obama administration and 50 state attorneys general to forge a $25 billion settlement with the nation’s largest banks over “robo-signing” and other questionable foreclosure practices.

Her actions follow the withdrawal of New York from the talks. Without the participation of California and New York in the negotiations, banks will be far less likely to agree to the multibillion dollar settlement that federal and state officials have spent months pursuing.

California remained a critical constituent for any deal because it has more borrowers who are underwater, or owe more than their homes are worth, than any other state. California also has more borrowers that are behind on their mortgages or in foreclosure than any other state but Florida. Wall Street Journal




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  • speakout says:

    If Bondi doesn’t stand up for the people (which is her job), then I am going to start a recall and have her removed from office for failing to do her job. The economy will never turn around when these foreclosures are allowed to continue as they are. The court’s income should not be coming from rush to judgement and kicking people out of their homes. The bankers should be paying the courts the money that was NOT paid when they avoided recordings. The bankers are trying to change the entire county land records system (hundreds of years old) and have everything go electronic (no paper trail). Scary! The courts will have to close as the funds will dissapear if this is allowed. I’m fed up with these politicians that do nothing for the people , yet don’t think twice about doing whatever the banks want. Well, part of the problem is that the US government is bankrupt and they owe the international bankers. But the bankers are what caused the US to go bankrupt in the first place with their system of usury. We do not have to pay interest on our own money – if it is created by the government. But the idiots in DC violated the constitution when they gave the power to issue the money to the private corporation – Federal Reserve.
    We need to shut down the federal government and clean house of all the crooks, interrogate them all as to what they know, get forgiveness on all debt nationwide, and start over.
    We have the right to do it based on the Declaration of Independence, so what are we waiting for? The occupy Wall Street protest is about changing the “system”. Because it is the “system” that is corrupt and needs to change.

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