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Anti Government Activist Creating “Paper Terrorism” On Our Country’s Land Records

Our nation’s property and court records should be sacred and carefully guarded.   For hundreds of years they were.   Very few documents or papers got into each county’s Official Record Books unless they were properly authorized and legally sufficient.

These paper records, now online, are the very foundation of our entire nation.   Every home, every street, every acre in this entire nation is represented somewhere in our official records.

All of this nation’s personal events are recorded there too. Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, Marriage and Divorce, Court Orders.   Our nation was not built on granite and concrete and steel alone…it was built on paper. The paper records of our nation’s Official Records.

Now read this story carefully, it’s yet another example of the chaos that has swept our nation’s property records.   This kind of nonsense infuriates me and is very, very damaging not just to the people and clients directly touched by these cases, but every single one of us as well.   Property recorders and clerks of courts across this nation are starting to wake up to the virulent infection that permeates our public records system, one famously noting:

“My registry is a crime scene as evidenced by this forensic examination,” O’Brien said. “This evidence has made it clear to me that the only way we can ever determine the total economic loss and the amount damage done to the taxpayers is by conducting a full forensic audit of all registry of deeds in Massachusetts. I suspect that at the end of the day we are going to find that the taxpayers have been bilked in this state alone of over 400 million dollars not including the accrued interest plus costs and penalties. “

Huff Post


“The banks have completely screwed up property records,” says L. Randall Wray, an economics professor and senior scholar at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

Associated Press

But carefully consider just how bad all of this is in the context of the final story:

On paper, Jacob-Franz Dyck is one of the largest property owners in Florida. More than 600 deeds have been filed in the name of trusts he controls in 17 counties, including eight in Sarasota and Manatee.

But Dyck never paid a penny for those properties.

A self-proclaimed “sovereign citizen” who believes that U.S. laws don’t apply to him, the 72-year-old Dyck filed some deeds with the purported goal of helping people facing foreclosure remain in their homes.